Yep been there done that even if it was back in 1960 herd all the same reason's I believe Adelaide is the best city in the best state in Australia I came out with my ex & 1 sons then had 3 more sons here all grown up now with their own families now have 16 grandchildren & 8 great-grandchildren now retired, I sponsored my widowed mother who was 53 years old & my 15 year old brother in 1965 he could not get work in UK at the time ( now a master builder ) then in 1969 sponsored my sister ( divorced ) & 4 children her ex my brother-in-law was the worse telling all the reason's why I should not come as he knew every thing about Australia as his brother had migrated to Australia way back in 1948, funny thing was he migrated with his second wife in 1972 plus these days London is only a 24 hour flight away good luck Arnie