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Hi everyone,

I've just registered for this site (just learning how to use it properly). We are hoping to lodge an expression of interest this year (husband is 44 now and will not get any points for age when 45 ).
We like the look of Adelaide. Have two boys, Samuel (17) and Joseph(15) . Currently living in North East Scotland, U.K. Husband works in I.T and hopes to get in on a skilled independent visa or employer sponsored.
We will need to find out about college for the boys. Sam is sporty and into basketball and coaching and Joe and me are arty, so we hope to find colleges and areas that cater for this.

If anyone has any info about IT jobs ( he is currently working as I.T. Manager but can do Network Engineer/ I.T.Support too) or areas that cater for our interests that would be great.

We look forward to meeting up if all goes according to plan.
Hi Sue and family.....

We are also from the north east of scotland :) - and going home for a visit in April if you want to catch up for a coffee and share ideas!! I am 43 and hubby 44. We moved to Aus a couple of years back and are in NSW moving to Adelaide in July (directly after our 3 month trip home). We have been to Adelaide a couple of times before but drove over last weekend (19 hours each way!!!) to check out areas unis and schools. I think we covered most areas anywhere south or east of the city. Viewed lots of houses and even looked at some to build. It was a long trip but we were really glad we did it - even our kids that came with us were happy they did it as they sorted out schools and unis they liked and even found areas they would be happy in (which is really hard for them when they are being taken away (again) from all their friends, their church, their lifestyles and their older brother (who will stay here in NSW as he is just beginning his 3rd year of PE teaching at Uni...) We have lived in Victoria, Northern Territory and NSW since we moved to Aus and have also visited Queensland ACT and Tasmania. We are excited about moving to Adelaide. People over there seemed really really friendly and they have a lot of sports options which is great for our youngest son who will be in year 9 this year and loves all things sport. They also have great shopping, pretty esplanades, lovely hillside country and great schools. If you need any more info pm me or if you want to catch up for a cuppa and a chat when we are back, let me know and we can try and sort something out. Blessings, Sarah