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    Thread: another newbie

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      Like the look of Flagstaff Hill and around that area, but have seen some plots for sale in norlunga which is quite a way out but right o the coast. Have you any ideas as yet. Are you a family, couple or single??

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      sorry for not saying before we are a famliy ,married with 2 beasty boys ,we are looking round the morphett vale area anyone got any comments on this area

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      hello and welcome to pia

      i know how frustrating it is!!!!! we've also lodged in august
      but i thought you should have gotten your full ack by now at least?!?!
      i'll have a read if i can find that one.
      i know of one other august one who hasn't received full ack yet either - they've sent an email and apparently a different department is looking into that ... i'll try to find that one too ;)

      BUT another family i know of also applied in august didn't even get pre ack, nor full ack and bang, last week straigth to co! - could happen to you ....

      take a deeeeeeep breath and sit back .. you'll get there!

      and hey, congrats on the house - i am certain that one is even worse to deal with than the visa itself!!!

      good luck!

      i've found one:

      The response we received following our Post Lodgement Equiry said:-

      "Your enquiry has been referred to the Administration & E-visa Support Unit
      for their attention and appropriate action. You will receive a response
      directly from that unit."
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      Sharron & Andrew

      This link was given to me by my agent at Go Matilda, it may help trace your applications


      Good luck,

      Andrew - Bricklayer
      Matty (12)
      Kenan (9)

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      Hi booboo,
      welcome to PIA,
      Yeah just be glad you have sold your house mine's going on the market soon and I have a mighty feeling it's going to be a pain in the rear end, I have alternative accomadation, but the market is really slow where I am

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      Welcome to the site!
      i know when I was waiting I was wondering why they hadnt given me my visa when other people who had applied after me had already got theirs. there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who gets theirs first. It will come but i do knwo exactly how you are feeling.

      Good luck



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