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      Help Wanted!

      Hi there, I am looking to migrate to Adelaide within the next 12 months with my Partner & teenage son but cannot obtain a Skilled Visa as although I have 20 years experience in accountancy I do not have a degree! I am looking at getting an employer sponsored visa within the wine industry/agricultural sector (I am currently finance manager for a large farm estate in the UK). Any help to point me in the right direction would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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      The major wine growing areas here are in McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley. There are some names you will have heard of like Jacob's Creek, Wolf Blass and Hardys.

      I would do searches of these areas and I think each of these areas have their own websites which should therefore give you links to the relevant wineries. If you approach these individually, you may find one who wishes to sponsor but given the expense of this, I would concentrate on the larger wineries. This option is not cheap for the employer and you would need to be a remarkable (which we know you are becoz you use PIA!) person.


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      Many thanks for that Libby. I recognise the bigger wineries - I should do, I have drunk enough of it in my time!! I am planning a trip to Adelaide & NZ in November so I can do a bit more detective work then. I am currently studying an accountancy diploma but I am 40 in July and worry that by the time I have all the paperwork in order I will be getting past it! I have been planning to get away from the UK for the past three years so it was a bit of a blow to find out that I will probably only get in on a 457 visa.

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      Hi Suzie- have you read th thread entitled excited and dreaming? They have a similar quandry to you and have some good advice on their which may be of use! Im sure there will be a way around it. Welcome to PIA and i hope you find some inspiration on here! Yvonne x


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