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      Hi I'm New


      I have been reading the threads for a few days. Not quite found my way round the site yet but I suppose that will come in time. Not done alot yet to move to Adelaide as we are in the very early stages. My Fiance is a bricklayer and decided he has had enough of the Country. The building trade dreadful and making it increasingly hard to make ends meet. We are always struggling and he works so hard. He has just had to take a large drop in salary which was the icing on the cake! Hes on less now than 10 years ago.
      We are very nervous about starting this venture but feel there must be more to life. We have very close friends in Gawler and Elizabeth South. My parents live with us so we are hoping we can get them in too. My Fiance has done the online assessment and has spoken to Australian Visa Bureau and he qualifies for a 176 Visa. That's as far as we have got!!! I have been trying to gather info before we start. i'm so confused as to where we start and there are so many things to get your head round.

      Anyway thought I'd say hello. I'm 41 years old, Max 43, Luke 17 ( in Merchant Navy and eventually settling in Brisbane with his company) and Kirsty 10. We get married 19th July this year.

      Good Lukck to everyone who are well on their way and hopfully we will be following behind!!


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      Hi Ellie,

      Also quite new to the site, we are in the early stages of our application. This site is really helpful and it's good to know there are so many others who have made the same big decision that we have!

      Only trouble is once you get on the computer, the next thing you know it's 2am as it's very addictive!

      Good luck with your application.

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      Hello Ellie,
      Welcome to PIA. Good luck with the process. Its handy knowing people out there before you start. Before you finish you will know loads more. ;)


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      I know what you mean. I tend to be on late on a weekend chatting to my Son on MSN he gets lonely in South Shields when the other cadets have gone home. We tend to talk Oz anyway as he really wants us to go out there. The time flies and my other half gives up and goes to bed!! Now I have found this site and how useful it is I will be well away.

      Thanks for you reply I really appreciate it. I'm nervous but excited all at the same time.

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      Thanks Pete that's nice to know. I am worried about my Parents I think once I have peace of mind with them it will be full steam ahead. I am only child you see and they have nobody else. I've got a long road ahead I know but I just hope it will all be ok.

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      welcome to the wonder that is PIA, hope you find it useful, plenty on here!!


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