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      Hi there! anyone doing this on their own?

      Just wanted to say Hi and to ask if there are any other single people doing the emigrating thing! I've thought very long and hard about moving to Australia and know that it is the right thing to do. Just wondered how other people feel about going it alone...... :D

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      donna T
      Hi Emmylou,

      Sorry that I don't have any info on your topic - but I noticed no -one had replied and just wanted to say welcome to the site and good luck!

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      Hi Donna

      Thanks for the welcome. There is loads of great advice on this website and some really nice people.


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      Hi Emmylou,
      I am not going on my own although i might feel like i am :lol: as cameron my partner has joined the s.a. shooting club and they have been in touch with shooting dates so i think i may be a shooting widow :lol: Sorry i cant offer any more advice but good luck :D

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      Hi Emmylou

      Just wanted to say hi!

      Unfortunately I dont have ant advice either, but I want to train to become a teacher whilst in Oz, so you never know our paths may cross!?

      I am going with my hubby and son but I can completely understand you wanting to emigrate, I think if my circumstances were different I would still want to go. I have always wanted to go to Oz since I was little and then last year when I visited I just knew its where I had to be, it just feels right, just like you say

      Welcome anyway
      DebnDaz :)

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      New life!

      Hi Deb n Daz

      Thanks for the reply and yes it will definetly be worth it in the end! Can't wait to start new life there. When are you thinking of going?

      Take care

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      Hi Emma

      We have just lodged our visa so we are awaiting contact from DIMA. We hope to be there this time next year. In the meantime I am retraining to become a teaching asst, so that I can get into schools asap. Was orginally teacher training but went into secondary, which wasnt the best option for me! :?

      When are you hoping to be there?


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