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    Thread: Hello everyone

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      Hello everyone

      Hi Everybody, well we are on the brink of taking the first steps to move to Adelaide, its been on GMTV a few times advertising for workers to immigrate & it looks like a fantastic place to live, I'm an Electrician & Guitar teacher(41), my wife is civil servant in the employment service, we have young family( 12 & 14 yr old) & wanting a better life as the UK life is getting worse & worse, whats it like folks there? schools/colleges/universities/ employment/peoples attitudes to migrants/cost of living/weather? anyinput would be most appreciated, thanks for looking, Paul.

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      Hi Paul,

      welcome to PIA. Can't help with your questions over there as I'm still over here. But just wanted to say hello.


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      Sharon and Paul
      HI paul, right down the reasons to stay , and the reasons why you would like to go ? the only thing i will miss will be family and close friends . your children are going to benift more as thay get older the schools and colleges are very good and thier job prospects too?. then there is the housing market will your children be able to get on the housing ladder here? so many things to think about? the big question is why not try it, sure your kids will miss thier friends . Do your research , the PIA site is good for that . if you are going to use a agent then again people here will recommend good agents to you ?.Its a long process but hopefully worth it, so join us on our adventures all the best to your famaily what ever you guys decide to do ????. Paul

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      hi Paul,

      looks like you found the right place to begin your research i didnt find it till I was almost at the end of my paperwork but een so has been invaluable in finding out all the answers to the questions I didnt even think about. You'll find out so much here. In fact if I had found this site first I may have had the confidence to do the paperwork without an agent. you can use the search facility to tap in key words to find the answers to some of your questions.
      Good luck with it all


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      The Pottertons
      Hi Paul, welcome to PIA and congrats on the decision to change your lives. WE also feel we want a better life for our children and are really excited for the adventure along the way!! Good luck, Yvonne x

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      Hi Paul
      Welcome to PIA, I'm sure you will get all your questions answered
      Good luck with the application

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      Sharron & Andrew
      Hi Paul,
      Like you I'm a newbie only joined the site a week ago! Have had some really good advice from the folks on the site, and through them have appointed a well recommended agent are now starting the long process!
      Good luck,


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