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    Thread: help on areas!

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      help on areas!

      Hi there, we will be arriving in Adelaide for three weeks at the end of May to check out work, schools, areas etc. My husband has just enquired about a couple of jobs and has arranged to meet up with prospective employers! Could anybody tell me if they know of Salisbury Plains and Elizabeth West and what the areas are like or recommend some good areas please? My husband is a joiner but has recently started doing work on narrow boats {barges** and is interested in knowing if they have barges in Oz?
      Any information greatly received!!!!

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      I can't tell you about barges, but I wouldn't have thought there are many. Someone else can tell you more on that one.

      Elizabeth has probably the worst reputation in Adelaide. I can't think of anyone who would want to live there. North, south, east or west, none of it. As for Salisbury, well I can't say really. Only that it is near Elizabeth and for that reason I wouldn't go.

      Sorry, but just saying what I think.


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      Sorry to say that I've heard much the same about Elizabeth but I have no idea about Salisbury. I've no doubt that there'll be somebody with much better knowledge than us to put you right though.
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      Hi Libby, thanks for that. Yes, i have just spoke to a friend who said the same but aaprently there are some nice ares not too far away if he was just to travel there to work. Also she mentioned there is a lot of work building house boats on the river murray so might look into that. We have two children aged 9 and 11. Where would you say is a nice area to live with plenty going on for the kids? I noticed you have been there a year now, how have you found it if you dont mind me asking? We came over last year and spent a few weeks travelling but have never been to Adelaide although i really liked Melbourne .

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Nicolette, Welcome to PIA, WE are also headed out for a reccie at the end of May and my hubby is also a joiner. How far through the visa process are you? Hope you get the answers you need- its great you've got interviews sorted. Yvonne x

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      Hi Yvonne,

      Just noticed that your husband is a joiner which is the same as my boyfriend. I hear that there is plenty of work in this area, have you heard the same? We are not going out til August so if you get any info we could use, would be grateful if you would let us know.

      Good luck in May....wish we we going then, but we cant take the kids out of school til summer hols because they are both teenagers.

      kind regards to you all.

      Julie, Steve, Beckie and Mel

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      Hi Yvonne, we got our visas in December! After a long wait!!! How about you? Have you already got your visas? Have you been to Adelaide before? Looking forward to going and hopefully then we can make some decisions! There seems to be quite a few joiners going to Oz! Hope there s plenty of work! Would be good to meet up if we get chance if we are there at the same time. It would be nice to meet up and have a chat with people in a similar position. Have you planned your trip at all or booked accomodation? I havent had chance yet! Going to start getting organised next week. The jobs sounded pretty hopeful, shame about the area from what i have heard so far but its good that they want to meet up. I know a few sites regarding accomodation if you havent already booked.

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      Rob and Clare

      The top 5 worst areas in the city for crime are :

      the city centre
      Port Adelaide
      Port Norlunga

      Depending on your budget there are some good areas around, Andrews Farm, Craigmore, Gawler (just a bit further north), Golden Grove and Salisbury Heights to the east, Mawson Lakes and Ingle Farm to the south. For a beach area then around semaphore will be a 20 min drive away with the opening of the port river bridge.

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Nicollete, have pm'd you, Yvonne xx


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