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      Hello from Knaresborough, North Yorkshire


      Paul and I are leaving blighty on 17 July 2007 to start our new life.

      (Along with Six and Muterly our two cats.)

      This website is a great resource and we have a had a lot of questions answered already. so thanks and look forward to being part of this community.

      Twirly and Paul

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      Bex & Nick
      Hi Guys

      Just wanted to say hello! what unusual names for your cats - is there a story there? I'm trying to talk my OH into a better name than "Trevor" when we get our cat/dog!!! (nothing wrong with Trevor as such but for a mutt?)

      We're going out in June so see you there for a drink or two perhaps...


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      Hi and welcome to PIA :lol:

      Seems to be lots of us off to the other side shortly from this forum so feel a meet up or two coming on :lol:


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      Hello and thanks for the warm welcome.

      Perhaps when we meet up I can tell you the cat naming stories!

      We fly out on the 17th of July, land in Melbourne and have a few days with family and see the cats of course!

      Then it's off to Adelaide for a bit of shopping! Car, cat friendly rental!

      I would be really interested in hearing about your plans - as you go before us - you might have some top tips!


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      Hi Twirly

      How spooky, we have really great freinds that live in Starbeck and who will be joining us this weekend. We too have flights booked for the 17th July, hopefully for the permanent move.


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      Very spooky!

      See you at the airport!!!

      How are you doing with making all the arrangements and decisions?

      Things are going really smoothy at this end - well with all the nice bits like booking our flights and hotel.

      Still trying to work out what to do with our money!


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      Good luck with your new life in Adelaide
      Kind regards

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      Good luck and have fun down under

      Cari :D

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      Thanks to all of you who have replied, you have made us feel really welcome.


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      Hiya Twirly and Paul

      Welcome to PIM :D :D
      Lovely part of the world you are from.

      We lived in Leeds before our move here.


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