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      new and in need of advice

      Hi all, what a great site with lots of helpful advice and tips.
      iam hopefully planning on coming to adelaide next september(09) if the visa goes well.
      we are looking for advice on the best areas to live ive been looking on the net at houses,
      whats aldinga beach and hackham like???
      which areas are near to sea???

      Were do we start to look for jobs ?
      iam a cook and my oh is a factory supervisor (fork truck driving etc) in a concrete block factory.
      is there anything like that there??

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      Hi Tracey, Sorry you've had to wait so long for a reply. There are so many new posts at the moment that yours has just dropped off the main page. In answer to some of your questions, Aldinga Beach is very nice and is quite popular with ex pats, especially those who are taking on new builds. Hackham - well let's just say it's probably not got the best of reputations... A good site to look at is www.adelaidebound.com which has loads of useful info on jobs, areas and Adelaide in general. Good luck with getting your visas!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      Like Liz has said, sorry for the delay.

      We visited Aldinga and found it to be lovely. Very focused on the beach and little other activities for kids to do...no cinema, no bowling, few shops, nothing much. High schools kids who go to the public school are sent to Christies Beach . There is alot of new building going on there and there is certainly alot of improving of facilities planned, being started etc. It is about an hour I suppose from the city centre, outside of rush hour so it may be too long a commute. We thought that was a real option for us when we were still in UK but got here, and found not really.

      Hackham I haven't spent that much time there and what I do know is mostly what I have heard. Some people like it, some people don't. It hasn't got the greatest reputation in the world but it isn't as bad as Elizabeth in terms of reputation.


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      thanks for your replys, all info greatly recived, web site great too.
      hope we are there soon.
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