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      Post Migration to Adelaide

      Hi, I am in the final stage , awaiting for an approval from the Aust Immigartion. It already 5 mths has passed but no reply for Aust Immigartion.

      My wife is a teacher with 15yrs of experience how is holding a Degree in Business English. And I am in Contruction Safety Supervisorfor pass 2 yrs. Prior to this I was with Fedex with 12yrs of experience in Debt Collection.

      We hve infact visited Adelaide last July & my wife love the place, people & the place.

      As our visit shows tht as a teacher my wife would be able to get a job, but my worry is tht wht about me with debt collection & with 2 yrs in construction line I do not know whether am I able to get a job at Adelaide.

      Can anyone share your experience !!

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      Hi and welcome to PIA.

      Don't worry, it'll give you more time on the golf course. ;) When we go out I won't be able to find a job straight away as my qualifications as a Driving Instructor are not recognised in Oz. I hope to find something totally different out there or even start my own business I can run from home. Will play it by ear when I get out there but certainly not going to worry about it.



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