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      Advice needed for 485 visa holder. Help!

      My daughter has been on the 485 visa which is now going to expire in June. She needs to get one year work experience as per Vetassess to qualify for PR eligibility. but unfortunately she has not been able to get a job in her related field ( Environmental Management & Policy ).

      She has studied here and lived here in Australia since 2006 and all the family are now residents here. I am wondering is there any way she can solve this dilemma since the job market here is still so bad and it is quite difficult to get hired on a 485 visa ? If any one has faced this please help with some advice and insight. I am really worried as all our family is in Australia.

      Thanks guys! I know there must be some solutions for this! hoping for positives always.

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      I don't suppose she has an Aussie partner?

      And she still hasn't managed to find an employer who might sponsor her?

      Does she (or her partner) have any other family left outside of Australia?



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