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      val diffin

      Getting a jelly belly

      Hi everyone,this is my first time on as i usually only read everyone else's dilemmas and answers. We have just put our house on the market today and its suddenly sunk in that we're actually going to go through with moving,hence the jelly belly feeling.My OH and I and our kids were in Adelaide last July for a month to activate our visas and we loved it ,seen lots of lovely places and met some great people, what worries me is knowing we don't have a return flight home and at some point i'm going to realise that when i'm over there,that i wont be coming back to scotland,it seems so scary. Any advice plz

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      I know how you feel. I got the Jelly Belly (as you so aptly put it) a few weeks ago but it soon passed. The thought of an outdoor life for the kids keeps me going, mine are off school again next week and I am trying to figure out what to do with them when all it does is rain.
      Just keep remembering the reasons you decided to go in the first place and all the reasons why you wanted to leave Scotland.
      good luck

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      Just wanted to say welcome!! I think those feelings are perfectly natural, & a part of it, as caoihme says you have to keep reminding yourselves the reasons you wanted to go in the first place. I think if you didn't have these sort of feelings it would be more unusual (I think that makes sense, but I'm sure you know what I mean! Any how good luck with it all hope your house sale goes smoothly

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      just go with it!!!!!!! you know ur making the right choice...we'll be not long behind u!!


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      The Pottertons
      Congratulations with putting the house on the market! Another step closer to your dream. Nervous time im sure- i'll be there soon and have the "jelly Belly" Which is a horrid feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it passes soon yvonne xx


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