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    Thread: Hi Everyone!

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      Dave & Kerry

      Hi Everyone!

      Just saying hello to everyone. My Wife (Kerry) and I (Dave) are hoping to move to Adelaide with our four kids. We are on the early stages of our application but have been considering the move for a good few years now. Hoping to gather up lots of tips on here as the site seems really cool. Looking forward to gathering all your info at some stage, (sorry) but we eat sleep and s**t the idea of moving to Oz and it cant come quick enough. :)

      Till next time,

      Dave & Kerry.

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      Hi Dave and Kerry

      We are also in the early stages having just submitted OH's skills assesment. This sight is good people very helpfull and freindly. I know what you mean about continualy thinking about decison, I have even been known to dream it had come off and we were living in adelaide.
      Good luck

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      Hi Dave & Kerry

      Hi and welcome to PIA :lol:

      We have been eating and sleeping Adelaide for nearly a year now and it gets no better as you go along - you will talk to friends and see a glazed expression in their eyes everytime the aussie word is mentionned 8) (think I have seen some even run over the other side of the street :roll: )

      Good luck with everything and may all your dreams come true.


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      there are some amazing, supportive and extremely knowledgeable people on here. Welcome to the site - we also have 4 kids :lol: :roll:

      good luck with the process

      Cari x

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      Dave & Kerry


      It's good to see so much support and a sense of community spirit among everyone. We thank you.

      I have even been known to dream it had come off and we were living in adelaide.
      ali@51, I bet that morning was a bummer on waking :)

      If only we had a remote like the film "Click" to use just once, say to go 4 months or so ahead maybe?.... :twisted:

      But dream on eh, Thanks for the replys, good luck and fingers crossed.

      Dave & Kerry.

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      Hi & Welcome Dave and Kerri

      We have passed our skills assessment and are awaiting SA Sponsorship at minutes.

      This site gets very addictive - which is a good thing for us guys who live, eat and breath Adelaide.

      Good luck with everything.

      How far along with things are you guys.

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      Dave & Kerry
      How far along with things are you guys.
      In Theory, we have already arrived, bought a lovely big house, got great jobs and are living the Australian dream... :lol:
      In Reality, we are in the process of sending our TRA application off. :)
      Judging by the time line on the MODL, hoping about 3 weeks or so will see us safely to the next hurdle.

      What is involved in getting sponsorship for SA? Is this a long wait for you?

      Dave & Kerry.

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      SA Sponsorship is quite a length process too, as you have to do a lot of research on Adelaide. Questions like what do you know about adelaide's culture, lifestyle and main attractions?

      Other questions were re finance and how would you support yourself etc. Took a while to complete but hey fingers crossed.

      This takes about four weeks to come through (but judging by other people at the mo its been taking up to 6).

      Then on to the actual VISA.

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      Re: Hi Everyone!

      Quote Originally Posted by Dave & Kerry
      hoping to move to Adelaide with our four kids.
      Hi D & K,

      Welcome. :D We have 3 at the mo but will have 4 by the time we get there. The only part of going to Australia that I'm not looking forward to is going to Australia, if you get me. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      My 4 on the plane over :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:


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      Hi Dave and Kerry

      Welcome to the site, we're hoping to be out in July. Just waiting now for Visa's.

      It's true what they all say Great Site, very freindly helpful people and very addictive (should be revising for Exam on Friday but hey PIA needs to be done)

      Pete : Love the kids we have three similar to this, not had the green one yet though

      Jane :D


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