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      My name is Alyn (Griff to my friends) and I'm married with one 12 (going on 18) year old daughter.
      We have taken our first tentitive steps towards a new way of life by contacting emigration agent....still a long long way to go.
      The one thing that really bothers me is finding a job out there, if our application is successful.
      Although I am currently doing some cosultancy work most of my experience lies in transport management. Although I'm willing to do anything to earn a few bucks...ummm...well almost anything.
      Can anyone allieviate my fears about finding a job please.

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      Hi Alyn
      just wanted to welcome you to the site
      I am sure someone will be able to help you out
      Good luck with the long and tedious process

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      I don't know but there was a big careers splurge here last weekend on transport industry jobs aswell as logistics etc. Perhaps have a look at the aus job sites like career one or seek. That is a plus if you are willing to take any job to fill in time, some people's experience seems to have been that they have to take a step downwards(or two until they get local refs.
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      That's good to hear, I feel a bit easier about it now. Thanks for the welcome and reply

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      Hi Griff

      Nice of you to join us...hope we can support you as you get driven slowly mad by the Immigration process!!

      I think that you might be better off by putting a new thread up in the job and careers section of this forum asking about opportunities in transport management. You also mention consultancy but don't mention in what area so perhaps asking about that might be useful too.

      There are a couple of recruitment agents who pop in from time to time on this forum so maybe they can advise you.

      In the meantime good luck


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      That's great, thank Libby.
      I will do that.
      From what I have read on these forums the immigration process is long, drawn out and full of pitfalls.
      Why am I not looking forward to it? :-)


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