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    Thread: Where to rent,schools for 4 kids, jobs, kids clubs, omg my head is spinning!!

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      oh I hear you!!!!!!

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      1. Get a holiday rental if you need accommodation as soon as you arrive (they are fully furnished etc & are a lot cheaper than some of the other short term rentals)

      Hi Casual,

      Just wondering how you came to this statement??
      I cannot understand how you come to this conclusion.

      Most if not nearly all holiday homes are advertised on the usual sites such as Stayz.
      The per night price is higher due to the fact they have to pay commission - true for nearly every holiday rental site.

      $120/140 per night for short stays some discount for longer. Some will discount for longer stays.

      Short term rentals (which are the same as holiday rentals -I know no different) charge the same if doing nightly rates for very short stays such as weekend but the weekly rates are much cheaper - $600 /$650 per week.

      We advertise on the "Holiday rental sites " but have to pass on the commission charged - directly we are cheaper and having been in this business for seven years I know it to be across the board.
      There will be someone out there cheaper (might be a rubbish place) but I'm speaking in general.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Bayfords View Post
      Thankyou for all the advice all and any help is very much appreciated...snifter our children's ages are 18 14 3 1, I would preferably like the coast and we have be looking around aberfoyle, Hallett cove area as my partner has a few friends in that part and possible work opportunities,we're hoping to move out there in august.
      Claire-n-tel I've started to read some of the threads on here, some are good and then others jet confuse me more lol.
      howde I've also been using google earth it's brilliant, I just wish I could please everyone and not have to keep moving around.
      Zebedee I'm sure it will work out I just hope I don't have to move around a lot, would be nice to wave a magic wand and stay in the first house.
      Our eldest will be 18 in July and wants to join the police force and also plays football at present he's at college doing a sports coaching coarse, our eldest daughter will soon be 14 she is really into her sports she currently plays football,and would also like to get back into her kick boxing/boxing again and eventually would like a career in sports/sports science, the 3 year old loves singing and dancing and loves going to her pre-school and mixing with other children so that is a must and the little one will be 2 in August and loves all her play groups and play centres,I'm a hairdresser and even though I can turn my hand to anything would love to either teach hairdressing or become a teachers assistant, my partner works in data/voice cabling etc. I'm hoping I can try and settle somewhere that can cover everyone's needs but I can see myself doing a lot more research.


      Although 9 years ago for us now, i still remember it well the scariness of moving to the other side of the world with 4 kids!

      Anyway i can help you out a little bit with couple of questions.

      18 year old and police force - There's either SA or federal. Federal i think you have to be an aussie citizen, but for SA you just need perm residency. Are you coming out on a permanent visa? My daughter is 19 this year and is thinking of applying for the police force but not yet. They like you to have some proper 'life experience' first, maybe do volunteering work first. TAFE do a course in Policing, but dont bother with that. Spoken to a couple of Police Officers, including one who is a trainer and say the course is a waste of time!

      Football.......can definitely help with that one! I think its my son McGintyoz was referring to. Any advice you want for that i'm, happy to help. My son is U16 GK at Cove and has experience of other clubs. Also plenty of opportunities at some clubs for girls to play.

      3 year old - singing and dancing. My younger son is also well into all this and attends a club called Theatre Bugs. He loves it and attends classes in Aberfoyle Park.
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      Arrived November 2005........live in Happy Valley


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