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      Quote Originally Posted by aroundoz View Post
      FAO Ian B we currently live in Glenelg South and is a move we wish we had not made after experiencing other parts of australia.
      I will leave it all at that as we will be moving on
      Well good luck wherever you end up and hope you find what it is your looking for.
      All places you go on holiday tend to look good its another thing to actually live there
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      Mate we have lived in other parts of Australia not visited them and Adelaide doenst compete with them.
      Wish you well

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      Quote Originally Posted by aroundoz View Post
      London has a population of 7 million and you can certainly feel safer there than in Adelaide.
      Australia has a lot more to offer that Adelaide
      I've lived in Adelaide for nearly 8 years now.
      I feel MUCH safer here than I did in the UK.
      Granted we live in the very outer suburbs.
      You are living in a densely populated area that will have more crime.

      I lived in Leeds previously which had a crime scene all of it's own I can tell you.

      I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon to defend Adelaide BTW.

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      so where would you consider to be the best bits of australia to live, in your opinion, and why?

      never been yet so all opinions gratefully received.


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      Thank you aroundoz-pls don't be too put off by negative comments, or take them personally. IMO some people develop a sense of belonging to SA (even the ones not yet there ) that seems to put them on a defensive stance... but other people will want to know about the not so nice aspects, even if, agreed, it is not pleasant to talk about them.
      I understand that for everyone migrating to Oz there is an element of "dream" about the move, and many don't want the pragmatic ones to burst their bubble, but pls let everyone have a fair go.
      Rachel is right, there is an element of needing to keep positive about it, but that should not be to the detriment of factual information.
      After all forums should have fact-finding value, shouldn't they?
      I would like to know why you moved to Adelaide in the first place- what are you looking for? And what is the "real Australia" for you?
      Maybe you felt dissatisfied about places you now praise?
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      The Pottertons
      Yes aroundoz tell us more, really interested to know more about your opinions. Yvonne x

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      Well we were not dissatisfied in other parts of OZ more so moved to Adelaide as we wished to try a few different places to live prior to making a longer term decision....i agree there are positives to Adelaide.. but the negatives that are here and yes in other states are far more pronounced...social depriavtion...crime....gang and youth culture. When people talk about a boom for individuals that only means inflated house prices...South Australia as a state has only been recently taken out of bankruptcy as a state...economically it is a poor relation in comparison to ther areas and i think that is reflected in a struggling infrastructure. As much their is migration into Adelaide and South Australia from overseas there is massive interstate migration out of the state...figures in the thousands leave the state every year for better opportunities and i have been told for a better quality of life from people who were raised here.
      People move for a reason normally for a better life for their families....as all on here are looking for...thats why South Australians move out and continue to do so in large numbers.

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      Just my two pence worth. I agree there is definatly crime here and I think probably as much as in a similar size area/population of Uk.
      There have been 2 murders alone this week in the brighton area! One was a bashing at a house party, which I heard about on the news and the other I heard about today (not on the news) about a young lad who was a victim of road rage, He had his dad in the car with him who was blind.
      There is also a young boy that has gone missing in the outback (father more than likly involved...........but the point I am making here is that crime is not so highly reported on. It was a week after that boy went missing I first heard of it on the news, the road rage one I have not even heard on the news. I listen to the radio all day so you would have thought I would have heard it once. They seem to tell a story on the news just the once after that it is sport sport sport ( at least we wont be hearing the Roos injuries this year!)

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      Bikie gangs, Shootings, Drugs, Hoons driving around all night in their cars...... I've had a great idea why not film a new Mad Max film in Adelaide.

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      Blimey, just about to sign the form of my visa agent to start the process of emigrating to Adelaide on a 475 visa but it sounds like we could be moving to a ghetto full of drug dealers, gangs and rednecks. Has anyone got anything positive to say about the place or would it be easier to do a course in firearms in England or wait till we get to Mossside Oz style??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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