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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      I mean NO offence by this but.......do you believe people dont get shot here? People dont get raped, murdered. The guy getting shot in tescos is terrible, but I am sorry those terrible things happen here too.

      who mentioned raped,mureded i didnt!
      i know them bad things happen there too ok
      its not haven where you are BUT belive me
      I know in my heart its going to be better for my kids
      this city/country is crap, imagain what our kids would be up to in 10 years time
      kids have been shot dead just going to trainging for football etc age 12
      you just have to look at a person here and youve had it!!!shot dead or stabbed to death
      sorry but i am sick to bloody death of **** that is happening my area.
      I know it happens over there because of all the information everyone it goes on but VERY mildy

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      People have different experiences whenthey come here, some settle in and feel at home straight away, others take some time and some just don't ever. Those in the latter category should voice their concerns/ views to give all sides of the picture, BUT

      rather than blanket general bagging of the place, be specific. Adelaide is not going to suit everyone who comes, but instead of stating what other people have said and laughed at say the exact things that are wrong for you. This way people who are like you and in your situation may take into account and validate your experiences.

      For example things could be mentioned like...
      Missing family
      Too cold, you personally want somewhere warmer.
      Your line of work is difficult to get into.
      You need to spend money updating qualifications.
      The things you like to do are not readily available here.
      Your wife/ husband hates it and you value their view.

      Forums such as these are there to voice opinions and also to provide advice to those following in your footsteps. Scaremongering without specifics opens it up to hurt feelings, auto defence mechanisms and general slagging matches.

      So anyone who wants to voice their unhappiness with the place should do it in a constructive way.
      Gold star and top marks for your post

      An awful lot of people are very happy here and to be honest get fed up of folk bagging Adelaide and South Australia.:)

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      Quote Originally Posted by KateG View Post
      It seems who ever wrote the comment above is a bigot, bully and totally devoid of the realities of struggling families. I always thought these sights were meant to portray a varied set of opinions for new families coming over. Not bash people because you disagree with them.

      Well Kate, I think it's you being 'charming'! If someone came to your house and started slagging the place off, I think you'd be perfectly justfied in showing them the door!

      I would never dream of bullying anyone and am extremely offended that you accuse me of it - how dare you assume that your opinion and only yours is the right one!! I have helped many people out with informed information on this site and others and you are totally out of order with your accusations.

      However, you are perfectly welcome to wallow in your dissatisfaction and discontent, and life is too short to try and help people who don't want help, so I won't be posting on this site any more. No wonder some people get the sobriquet "Whingeing Poms"!



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