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    Thread: Anything else I should be arranging before I leave

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      Quote Originally Posted by Pmckin14 View Post
      House viewing to rent! I guess I have under estimated the processes with renting, Kind of thought it would be a quick process. Would renting directly of a landlord, say like of the likes of gumtree be quicker or would they have the same processes, like viewing days?

      Thanks for the advice, think I’ll definitely get our short term rental extended a bit longer then, don’t really fancy the thought of the added stress and pressure if we can’t find somewhere so soon. Our dog is joining us in March so that will probably rule alot of properties as well!
      Well, it can be if you snag a property from your first viewing of your first open ;) But there are a lot of dud houses out there and what may look decent in pics is actually horrible. Many of the pics they use for rentals are old pics from when it was first let 6 years ago or something. And so it looked nicer then. Also depending on what areas you are considering you may have a lot of other interested parties willing to stump up more bond or offer an extra few $$ a week rent or some such to secure.

      I'd definately not rush into renting as more often than not leases are for a year here and so if it ends up you hate the area or the house/landlord turns out to be awful you can be stuck there till you find someone else to take on the lease or it ends.

      I'd not go via Gumtree but that is me. Plenty of dodgy people out there for new arrivals to get ripped off. Sure you get some decent ones but honestly, going via an agent for your first rental is probably not a bad idea. At least you know what is what and the process is all there for you to walk through.

      Also look out on here for people breaking their leases (usually as moving into own house or moving areas) as they will hopefully vouch for the house and landlord.

      And don't be put off about pets. If a property states 'No Pets' then I'd cross it off and not bother looking. If it doesn't say anything either way, its worth a punt but be prepared to pay extra bond to help seal the deal. If its Pets Allowed then the house may well show signs of previous pets or the garden may not be great if dog has lived outside. But you'd be fine for keeping your dog there.

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      We moved out last August, got a holiday rental for 2 weeks in Semaphore it wasn't the best but it was the cheapest we could find, as they say you get what you pay for, we managed to find a long term rent within the two weeks with 1 day to spare, but Snifter and Sidestep are right we viewed a few properties and there were a number of other potential applicants at the arranged viewing too. Yes one of the snags we hit was there were fewer rentals that would accept pets, but they are about. Also we got a letter of good standing from our UK mortgage company which we submitted when we applied, not sure if this actually helped or not but just an idea.

      Also have a look into Ambulance cover for when you arrive:




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