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      Hello -another newbie!!

      Hello everyone!! I've been looking through the forum as we are planning to start the visa trail - dreading it, scared we'll be rejected etc,etc,etc. There's some great advice on here, so looking forward to picking the brains of you all as we go through the 'nightmare'. We have 2 young boys (3 & 1yr old) & 4 bullmastiffs to bring along (must be mad)!
      We've seen a couple of 'Wanted Down Under' which shows Adelaide in a very positive light, but worried it might not be for us - just a big change I guess. Does anyone have any good experiences with their visa agents? There's so many out there I'd b really interested in any feedback. Look forward to hearing any words of wisdom, recommendations or advice on the visa and Adelaide front.

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      Welcome to poms in Adelaide,i cant really help you too much at the mo as we are kind of in the same boat,but find this forum very useful. My husband does work for ashipping company so may be of some use there if you have any questions on that a bit later. keri xx

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      Hi Keri. Good luck with your visa - let me know how you're getting on. Definetely be looking for info on shipping if all goes well. Cheers.

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      Hi Brenda
      Welcome to the site and good luck with all the choices you will have to make a long the way to obtaining your visa


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      Hi Brenda & family

      welcome to PIA, my advice would be to call round a few visa agents, have a list of questions ready and ask them all the same thing, this will let you get a feel for them and how easy they are to talk to and if there is any conflicting information.

      We did this and I am so glad we did, as we are now here, the agent we chose didn't always tell us what we wanted to hear, but we really appreciated his honesty. One of the other agents wouldn't answer our questions clearly enough and kept talking about other people and their experiences and that is not what I wanted to here, we wanted it to be based on us and what they could do for us.

      So good luck, I'm sure you will choose well.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Brenda, welcome to PIA, there is so much brilliant advice on here you'll be sure to find what you are looking for! We are relatively at the start of the process too and are off to Adelaide next mon to check it out for ourselves! Is that a possibility for you? Not everyone does a reccie but some swear by it. Yvonne xx

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      Hi Pottertons!! Enjoy your reccie and let me know how it goes. It's definetely something I want to do just to put our minds at rest - well as much as poss!!! I've been to Oz many years ago but hubby has never been. We just can't help thinking that the UK is not the best place to being up our boys, and as hubby keeps reminding me, the cut off age is 45 - cheeky git.
      Our problem is that my job doesn't fall into a specific category on the skills list, although it is in demand. More concerned about being given good info and applying for the right visa - although any visa is worth having! Have a great trip.

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      Hi Brenda and welcome to PIA. Just wanted to agree with Cornelia, it really is worth ringing around a few agents and finding one that you're happy with. A decent agent will be able to tell pretty quickly if you're likely to qualify. There's also an online test that you can take to see if you have enough points, can't remember the web address but some bright spark (probably Pete!) will probably post it shortly. We used Global Visas and my brother in law used Go Matilda. Good luck!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      We used Visa bureua(visa bureua.co.uk) they have an on-line assesment first, then if you qualify they give you a call to discuss your plans.We were kept informed all the way and our agent Lauren answered any questions we asked.From starting the process to gaining our visa's about 10 months.
      Waiting to exchange contracts at the moment,hoping to be in Adeliade for 28th June 08.
      Hope this helps,but as above look about.We filled in a few on line assesments but only 2 migration companies rang us back.
      Jason and Paula,the kids.

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      Welcome to PIA. I am no authority on Adelaide having only visited once but we are going through the migration process and started last year absolutely clueless. You have chosen a great site to help you on your way, you might not always like what is suggested but it is always honest!!! We visited a few expo's held in UK to give us an insight into the application process, available work, information packs etc. Some of the expo's are free and some you need to pay for, usually advertised in local press. If you google expos that should bring up the site that will tell you when the next one will be in your area. They used to be free but last year we paid £15 per adult (kids free).

      Goog luck.


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