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      Adelaide or Brisbane

      Hello everyone

      We have applied for a PR 175 visa. We have always thought we would move to Adelaide. However we now seem to be interested in Brisbane.
      On the Brisbane site there are a few threads asking Adelaide or Brisbane. They all seem to be saying Brisbane.
      Did or does anyone else feel torn with the 2.
      If so please could you tell me what made you decide on Adelaide or Brisbane.

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      Lived in Adelaide for 3 1/2 years then moved to Brissie. No question Brissie, Adelaide is a nice city but that's it, no doubt others will disagree, especially seeing as this is Poms in Adelaide!

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      These are just a couple of pros and cons straight off the top of my head

      Brissie is more what you perceive Aus to be
      Adelaide gets pretty cold in the Winter
      More places to go and see in Brissie, e.g Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Sydney only 60 minute flight. Don’t feel quite so isolated in Brissie - once you've been to the local places in Adelaide umpteen times you have to travel interstate to go anywhere different
      Brissie more laid back
      Brissie can get v humid, Adelaide v dry
      Gold Coast very commercial
      Gets dark early all year round in Brissie, not quite so in Adelaide
      Found to be more mozzies in Adelaide
      Brissie doesn’t feel so parochial
      Who you know not what you know in Adelaide

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      Funny that they all said Brissie on the Brissie site.

      My first chioce was Brisbane. Still is if I'm honest. However, Tracey feels that Brissie would be too hot for her and then there is summer.

      Once we had compromised and she said lets go to Adelaide the more I looked at it the more I found that Adelaide had more of what we wanted as a family. I also think having it colder in the winter is a good thing as you will get a bit of a break from the heat. Humidity could also be a problem and I guess the lighter evenings would be a bonus.

      So Adelaide for us. And if I can say this without being accused of being PC you, like us, won't really know until you get there.


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      I dont know a great deal about Brisbane, my dad has just gone there to live its meant to be lovely but property more expensive sorry thats all i really know. keri xx

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      What!! mozzies in Adelaide, thought it would be less than Brisbane with their tropical weather!! may have to reconsider myself now!

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      We were just the same always dead cert Adelaide and about a month ago we had a wobble towards Brisbane!!! Don't know where this has come from but it seems to be very common - I haven't yet read anyone stuck between any other cities except Adelaide & Brisbane.
      To add fuel to the fire our agent asked us why we were going to Adelaide as in her words it was "dead" and there were not many jobs for OH. She did a search and for his occupation Adelaide turned up 0 jobs while Brisbane had over 80 jobs available!!!!
      We then sent a few e-mails to some building firms in Adelaide area, not asking for job offers, just asking them for info on demand for builders. Only one response so far and they recommended that we try Perth!!!! Don't know why they would do that as everyone is clearly stating that there is very little construction work for those already there never mind newcommers!!!!
      So we are just going to wait until the visa comes, get agent to do another search and wherever the best job prospects are then thats where we are going.
      It is sooo hard though cos we have spent so much time researching Adelaide it would be a shame to have to go elsewere and we have two kids so we really don't want to be moving them around every couple of months.

      Good luck wherever you land

      All the best

      Paul, Sharon, Ben(6) & Helen(4)

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      Rob and Clare
      Having never been to Brisbane on our reccie it was never really an option for us. But after visiting there in December for a week, i was really impressed, much more modern and sophisticated than what we had been led to believe and certainly more than Adelaide.

      It has positives and negatives though.

      Winters are Warmer than Adelaide
      Summers are cooler than Adelaide
      Possible to drive around without 100 sets of traffic lights to cross
      Better airport / flight options for visiters and holdiays
      More concerts and activities
      Much more to see there in the surrounding areas, Adelaide is Isolated.
      Lower Unemployment
      All the parks are green, not the dusty wasteland that exists here.


      Summers are wet
      ironically even with extra rain (more than double that of London's) it has massive water shortages, even water rationing
      Can still get cool away from the coast in winter
      Traffic Jams.....
      Depending on your skills jobs can be hard to come by, lots of tourism jobs and less industry.
      Cane Toads......

      If i was to decide again I couldn't honestly say which is best... They are both nice places.... The deciding factor maybe is just to decide which area offers better employment for you....

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      Sharron & Andrew

      We too are now looking towards brisbane due to the fact that there is more work for Andrew there. A friend of ours lives on gold coast and she said that brisbane would be heaven to Andrew as it is a building site, so we are looking to live in a suburb about an hour out of the city, this way he can commute and I can go to the beach with the kids!!

      Sharron, Andrew (Bricklayer), Matty (12), Kenan (9)

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      think its about what you want out of life, brisbane much bigger and commercial, you see me coming from not so sunny carlisle in the uk preferred small ( although i thought adelaide was like london when i first got here)
      weathers good here most of the year and i like that bit of winter, ready for summer tho after a couple of months.
      jobs are an issue, again being a nurse i hsd no probs
      good luck


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