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I think that the living in a place as opposed to holidaying it aspect catches a lot of people out in some shape or form
You are so right, yet I thought my experience of England was enough to suffice when I returned. But I've found out that I'm not aged 22 with boundless energy any more!

With most people who travel from Europe to Australia, we were generally thrown in at the deep end and expected to cope as best we can, and woe betide anyone who moaned!

I first arrived in Adelaide at Outer Harbor when there were just big metal huts to receive us, and the general area was as desolate as you can imagine for those of used to Britain's tight towns and cities. I nearly bought a small old house with land down that way which was cheaply offered for sale, but it seemed so remote I thought it would have been a crazy thing to do. Now the area is North Haven and a desirable place to live!

By then I was working at the Weapons Research Establishment in Salisbury, so travelling down Salisbury Highway, Grand Junction Road and turning right at Port Road to go a few more miles, wasn't appealing in the least. There were no expressways, but of course there were no speed traps either, so getting from one place to another was much quicker than you would expect. Journeys that now take 30 to 35 minutes used to take me just 20 minutes, so despite the better roads which can handle more traffic, some progress seems to have retrograded.

Nevertheless, Adelaide is a relatively easy place to live compared with Sydney and Melbourne, and I think British bus drivers if they moved there would think they were in heaven!!