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    Thread: G'day

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      Hi All

      Thanks for your advice.

      I feel abit like you and just want to go for good, the hubby is a little concerned about making a massive leap into the unknown.

      But we both think Oz is fab and the hubby loved Perth and would have liked to settle there, but then after listening to friends and family and finding out more about adelaide we both agreed that it was to be our new home. But hubby would still like to check it out.

      Also last time I went to Oz I cried most of the way home, basically cos I just didnt want to leave I felt so at home and loved everythign Oz had to offer including the people...you know when something is right. So I arent sure I could go through the emotional upset! I think I would rather save the money for the actual move (fingers crossed).

      Its a difficult one as its important for us both to feel absolutely sure.......so still no decision yet :?

      Anymore advice is greatly welcomed!

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      Hi Deb and Daz,
      Its a hard one isnt it ,i wanted to go and have a look but was worried that i would'nt like it and then my dreams would be shattered, sounds stupid i know , so i would rather go and then that is it ,at least you have been so have some idea, we have not got a clue what we are letting our selves in for :lol:
      I work with an old lady and she said to me one day you are here for a good time not a long time :shock: an i thought yep you are right if it goes wrong hell ill just come back :lol:
      My other half does not worry about any thing, i do enough for both of us :?
      good luck with every thing speak to you soon.
      Hayls :D

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      We just decided to go for it as that way we have no expectations for Adelaide to live up to.

      We have friends that went to Spain every year for holidays bought a villa and moved there. Now they hate it as life is not the same as the holidays were.

      So for us we are moving and will make it work. No matter what, we will give it at least 2 years as we are also on the SIR 495 so can then apply for PR. The worst thing that can happen is we may hate Adelaide but Oz is a big place!!

      One of the best quotes I ever read is - in the next 20 years you will spend more time regretting the things that you did not do than the things you did.

      It is a risk but all things worth doing are!!

      Lisa :D

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      Hi Hayls

      Like you it is the kids more than anything.

      My OH is an only child, therefore the boys are his Dads only grandkids :!: Difficult one....

      I will be ok once agency tell me my visa starts ONCE I arrive in Adelaide. As it stands they say it starts when I RECEIVE it - looking at how quick we got a CO it might be sooner in 2007 than we expected!
      In theory this would be great but my OH now wants to go out after their winter & perhaps when kids finished school - July 07.
      It being discussed !!! :!: :!: :!: - say no more we have plenty of time to decide.

      I would luv to be a non-worrier but its just not me! Ashley is laid back & chilled but I make up for us both.

      Angela :)
      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
      AGS Painting & Decorating PM me or email agspainting@adam.com.au

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      Hi Angela
      OOOHH i think you should come out as soon as you get your visa then we can get together :lol: .
      My girls really do treat my mum as a second mother, she takes them to school every morning or did do until recently when i decided they could catch the bus[over protective mother :oops: ] i start work at 8am so have always needed mum to take them as cameron works away alot, so they will really miss her :cry: but when she comes out to seeme she is coming for 12 weeks :shock: :lol:
      Well its getting closer and closer and i cant believe how calm i am , bit scary really :lol:
      speak to you soon

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      Hi All

      Well we are in the middle of the house move and with the way I feel at the min we wont go there! Its hard seeing all you stuff packed up knowing you wont see it for nearly a year. Espeically if it has sentimental value!

      I think we will end up not going, i would rather get there and then explore, after all there is plenty to explore! Did any of you see a recent programme, I think it was on a travel program, but it was all these retirees who get a van and then go around OZ exploring! Now thats definately somethign to look forward too!


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      Hi Hayls, We are hoping to fly with Quantas, via Melbourne, not looking forward to the flight, my youngest is 4 and gets bored really easily :( I'm not too bad, nervous but really excited!!
      It's all happened really quickly, we had alot of trouble with selling our house, now it's sorted and the buyers want to be in for christmas, so we are moving out next wednesday!! Every time I think about it I feel abit sick, how are you feeling?
      Where abouts in Adelaide are you hoping to settle?

      Lisa & Steve :)

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      Hi Lisa and Steve,
      We are flying with singapore airlines.
      We have no idea where we are planning on living in Adelaide yet its an open book, i keep changing my mind i think i will need to see the places first, and good schools will sway us.
      How old are your children are they ok about going mine are not and its one of the things that makes me feel a bit down really, but im sure they will be ok, they were like this about starting secondry school and they love it now :lol:
      Im sure the kids will be fine on the plane they seem pretty geared up for that kind of thing on longhaul and we have bought the girls loads of new nintendo ds games to keep them busy :lol:The lady that is buying our house is letting us stop till we go,she only lives over the road and is not selling hers so is in no rush :lol:
      Speak ti you soon

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      Hi Hayls,
      Our kids are Liam 17, Jamie 14, Jessie 12, George 4, Liam,Jess and George are fine about going, really up for it, Jamie isn't quite as eager, he says he'll miss his friends and he's coming back when he's 18! He's at a funny age, very hormonal, which doesn't help!! I'm hoping when he gets there and settles he'll feel differently! :lol:
      I know what you mean about feeling worried about the kids, but I think the outdoor life will appeal to them, warmer weather etc.. hopefully they'll make friends quickly, but it's a big step for everyone, we've got to stay positive and just go for it!!
      What does your husband do? Steve is a mechanic, he's had a couple of job offers already, but they were from companies in Queensland, not much good if we're living in Adelaide!!
      Speak to you soon, Love Lisa & Steve :)

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      Hi Lisa and Steve,
      Sorry i have been off line all weekend sorting out new laptop to take with us.
      Cameron is a joiner and has been in contact with a few firms and will go and see them when we get there, we are going to have a few weeks hols when we get there, we have got the oaa and just got the address[1/49 glenore terrace] i have a suburb map so can see where it is!
      My daughter Charlotte sounds like Jamie she says i dont mind coming as long as we come back :shock: and i think she will try really hard to hate it she is 13 and a half and grumpy :lol:
      Well good luck with every thing and hope to meet up at the other end.
      Have you booked your flights yet?
      Our container comes on the 28th dec and i am sooooooo not ready :lol:
      speak to you soon.


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