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    Thread: G'day

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      Hi All

      We have just sent off our completed visa (skilled independent) and are waiting for confirmation that it hast arrived! After much debate we used an agent to help us complete the forms and guide us through the process....fingers are well and truly crossed!

      After seriously considering Western Australia we have decided that Adelaide is our choosen destination...we think it has the nice mix of family life, climate, housing, jobs and Ozzie life that we are looking for!
      DebnDaz :D

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      Welcome to the forum...........good luck with your wait for your visa.

      We too think Adelaide has just the right mix....Western oz is beautifull, but it is rather a long way from anywhere else in oz....

      ..think we're all making the right choice!

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Hi DebnDaz

      Welcome to the forum :D

      We also chose Adelaide for the mix of family life, housing, cost of living etc. Good luck with your visa!!

      Lisa :lol:

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      Hi Deb and Daz,
      good luck with your application and welcome to the site.
      We are going in on a skilled 136 visa we also looked at western australia but decided on adelaide we thought it looked more like a family place and the house prices are a lot cheaper than perth now as they have gone up a huge amount,i just think it looks a friendly place [hope im right :shock: ]
      My partner is a joiner what trade are you in?
      Well fingers crossed for you.

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      Hi All

      Thanks for your warm greetings and good luck wishes. Same to you all, hope we all get what we are dreaming of in 2007 or before!

      Perth is beautiful and so is Queensland, I am sure we have all made the right choice after all we have all choosen Oz, so we cant go too far wrong!


      Oh hubby is a chef and an office manager....I want to retrain whilst I am out there and become a teacher?!

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      taylor family


      hi just read your piece on forum hope your not in a rush we lodged on 5th of june and have just been notified to go for medicals.
      it is a long wait but will be worth it. myself and family have been to oz twice and recamend it to all better way of life for family so all the best alan taylor preston lancashire.

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      donna T
      Hi Doodle - sorry for the late response - totally forgot to check this site for a week or so!

      We chose Adelaidepartly becuase we thought they would have us :) and mostly because it seems tohave erverything our family with 2 little ones would need.

      Welcome to the site and best of luck with the visa.

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      G'Day All

      Our agent has now confirmed it has defo been lodged, but apparently no word from DIMA....apparently that is normal!

      We have hopefully sold our house too and if all goes well (you can never be to sure of these things.....) we should have gone from here on the 16, we are living with relatives until next year but we are hoping that we will be in Oz this time next year? :D

      Wishful thinking perhaps?

      We have been to Oz ourselves once, but not to adelaide. Hubby was thinking of going on a reckie, not sure though? Any ideas?


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      donna T
      Hi DebnDaz

      I thought about a reckie but can't really afford the additional costs plus would have to leave the kids behind and would miss them too much ( at least I hope I would!)
      I think that once we have commited ourselves then we will be there and will know it's home - not just a holiday so we would settle better - don;t know, might not work out that way but that's the way we have ended up

      Best of luck

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      hmm !!!!!

      Hi Deb and Daz,
      we were in the same situation as Donna really didnt have the time and funds and my worry is that you have that holiday feeling on a reckie and i would be worried that i would want it to be the same when i went for good, but if i had, had time and money i would probably have gone i would not have been able to stop myself :lol: :lol:
      Let us know what you decide :D


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