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      info on bricklaying and general comments

      hello there....does anybody have any information on bricklaying in adelaide...we aew loking to go in early 2008 but finance is important as we don't wat to be worse off. We have 2 boys and pass all the requirements for perminant skilled migration thingy but need a lot more info..people o this site seem really good at answering any questions so we look forward to hearing from you all...


      Lisa and Russ :lol: :) :)

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      p.s sorry about all the spelling mistakes..we have just got a new lap top and the keys are taking some getting used to...

      Lsa and Russ

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      The Boultons

      We are looking to go to Adelaide area as well next year have you looked on the Adelaide Bound site and also there might be some info on the Jobs forum on Pomsinoz.

      There is another Adelaide only site bit for the life of me I can't think what it called.

      We were adivsed that it might be beneficial to contact some construction compaines out there when you've got a date and email your cv/porfolio. We have also been told that some people have just turned up on site a bit like the sites over here.

      Good luck keep us posted 'cause we are hoping to be out there early next year!

      Bill (Bricklayer)
      Karen (Teaching Assistant)
      Billy (11)
      Luke (8)

      From Surrey hoping to be in Adelaied this time next year....... :lol:



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