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      Nick & Jo

      We are arriving in one month!

      Hi All

      Not been on for ages as haven't had much time - mainly because it's all systems go now! We have had our visas, received our tickets, and have started visiting rellies and friends to say goodbye! Our biggest disappointment is that we have not sold our house despite quite a few viewings, so it looks like we'll have to rent it. We have one more viewing on Tuesday but we're resigned now to the fact that it's not going to go.

      We should be arriving in Adelaide during the first week in July, and I start my diploma at TAFE in the city on 17th. We are taking a week or so to get there, as we are going to Paris and Hamburg first, then have to head back to Heathrow for the one-way flight, and are spending a couple of days in Sydney before coming to Adelaide. My Mum is travelling over with us and staying with us until the end of July and she has always wanted to climb over the Harbour Bridge, so we thought we'd have a short holiday before getting down to business!

      We are hoping to arrange somewhere to rent before we get there and have started packing our worldly goods one box at a time! The removal firm are coming on 24th June and we fly out the next day.

      Would love to come along to any get-togethers (except for paint-balling types of get-togethers! - prefer drinking, eating or shopping types!!) and will be looking forward to the weather warming up a few weeks after arriving hopefully.

      Talking of the weather, even though we are arriving in winter there, at least it'll be drier than here in 'summer'!! The weather here in the South West has been awful this last week, we are still lighting the fire every night - but at least it reinforces our decision!

      Nick, Jo and Lucy (9)

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      The big move

      Hi Nick & Jo

      After 30 years in the UK I'm taking my family back to Adelaide in 11 days. I've been using MSN Australia to search for rental properties. If you go on to MSN, right at the bottom of the page you'll find "international" click on there and select Aus, that will take you to NINEMSN, if you register with the property search on there they'll e-mail you weekly with details of new listings for whichever property type you've chosen. Good luck and have a wonderful life down under!

      Caroline ;)


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