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      The Boultons

      Can anyone help?

      Hello all,

      We are thinking of possibly moving to the Adelaide area and wondered if anybody had any good/not so good comments on which area/suburb to try and would best suit us?

      Bill (Self Emp Builder in UK) needs work
      Karen (Teaching Assistant) would like to work.......
      William (Billy 11) wants to play cricket!
      Luke (8) Loves boxing and wants to know if there are any boxing clubs?

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      Hi Bill & karen and the boys.

      Welcome to PIA.

      Were still in England so not sure for definate the burbs we would like to live in. Real estate.com/au have some good ideas of houses etc.

      I think if you go onto www.adelaidebound.com you can get some very useful information.

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      Hello Boultons

      Can't really help too much as we haven't been out yet. From everything we've read on this site many people seem to be heading south of Adelaide, to Seaford, Glenelg, Brighton etc. Elizabeth seems to be the place to avoid but like I said, never been there so what would I know! We're hoping to fly out July/August so we'll keep you posted!


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