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      Hi everyone

      My name is Holly, I'm 22 and a sports student from Cambridgeshire. My family decided to move to Oz last September, we picked Adelaide due to the opportunities for the whole family, and after what seems like a long wait we finally got approval last week! My parents (Cath and Allen) and I are aiming to fly at the end of August, and we can't wait!

      My sister and her husband, plus their three sons are also hoping to join us in the very near future. With the three boys being aged 4, 2 (nearly!) and 4 months, it'll be a much nicer place to raise them. However, being on a different visa (can't remember which right now) Mark has had to sit an IELTS to get enough points, which they are currently waiting on the results for.

      So, there's a lo to think about and a lot to sort in the next couple of months!! Hopefully it'll all be worth it in the long run.....

      Holly x
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      Hi Holly

      welcome to PIA, there is a very friendly bunch of people on here that will be able to help out in lots of areas. Good luck with all the sorting out.

      Andy & Stacey
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