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    Thread: Famiily of 3 (plus a cat) making the move!

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      Quote Originally Posted by KennyKen View Post
      You seem to get off on people's misfortunes. You will fit right in Adelaide. Oh BTW it didn't shook me to the core it made me appreciate where I am now. Enjoy and I hope Adelaide is good for you and doesn't break you because karmas a bitch ay?

      Blimey!! Glencoe was only asking!! She didn't mean to rattle your cage, I'm sure, but you're obviously rattled. Yes, Karma could seem to be a bitch, but as it only reflects one's input, it's pretty much a reflection of what we are and the way we live our life, don't you think? It's like-for-like, or 'do as you would be done by'. I wish you well, Ken.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Glencoe View Post
      Hi Glencoe! Hope you're enjoying the last days of Summer in the UK. I read the UK press every day online and the weather forecast for the next two weeks sounds just lovely! I wish you all happy days ahead with all your preparations to migrate to Oz. x
      Hi! We are enjoying it actually. It has been raining this week however the next few days have been forecast to be sunny and warm! Will definitely try to get out and about. Thank you for your kind thoughts, appreciate it. Wish you all the best too :-)


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