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      Introduction, hello

      Hi guys and Girls,

      Myself and the Wife to be are looking closely at moving to Oz in the near future. According to the Immigration people, we pretty much have to move to Adelaide, which doesn't really worry us, but i've got a few questions.

      1. What sort of Salary are IT Managers getting please ?

      2. What's the hidden costs of living ? (e.g Health, dentist, insurnace, council tax etc etc)

      That's it for now... i'm sure there will be more soon.


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      G'day Weeksy,

      No doubt someone over there will be able to answer your questions.


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      Hi and welcome to PIA :lol:

      Sorry can't help with your queries as not quite there yet (but very very close :lol: 8) ) but sure someone from Adelaide will be able to help you out when they come on later :lol:

      We also are moving to Adelaide due to points but the more we research it the more boxes it ticks so looks like the ideal place for us after all :D

      You will get 'necessary' healthcare on Medicare under the reciprocal agreement with the UK so do not have to get private healthcare.

      Good luck with everything
      Lisa :lol:

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      thanks guys.

      Due to the fact we're planning children after we get married in Aug, i'll be the only person earning a wage.. so just need towork out if that's possible from a Mortgage/buying perspective.


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      Welcome to the forum.

      OK in answer to your Q's -

      You will be covered by medicare for Dr's, dentist I wouldn't have a clue as I just don't do dentists. I would recomend Ambulance insurance as if you need to call one out it'll cost you a small fortune. Car/bike insurance is reasonable according to my hubby (he always sorts ours out).

      Not sure about pregnancy cover as I'd had our 3 before coming out here but our eldest had a baby last year and she was charged nothing by the hospital and our grandson spent the first 4 months of his life in hospital due to being born 12 weeks early, our daughter also got the baby grant (now about $4000.).

      Can't advise you about buying as our house is part of my hubby's job (military).


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