personally I would advise you to rent. That way you can get a better feel for all areas and there is nothing like being there to do that no matter how much research you do.

Also if you buy then decide you want to move in a few months you get hit with 2 lots of stamp duty and depending on the value of the property this can be a considerable amount.

Remember also that when you do decided to buy it is a relatively quick process compared to the UK. Title is guaranteed at purchase so no long solictor waits (all searches already done etc). No guzumping etc. Also, most often it will not be a "subject to" sale (although there are exceptions of course). Once the contract is done, neither the buyer nor seller can pull out (unless it is "subject to"). You get 3 days cooling off on completion of the contract.

It is not unheard of to have settlement (completion) in 2-3 weeks in some cases so no hurry!

6 month rental periods are less common in Adelaide than the UK - most will be 12.

Hope that helps