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      hello it seems to be happening sooo fast!

      hi we are about to start the sponsored employer route; we feel very lucky as we have read some other posts
      we have 2 kids, Bailey 4 & Jordan 9 years & are hoping to have visas in about 4 weeks! will be about 8 weeks till we get out to Adelaide! - house to sell etc etc! we are in Aberdeen, Scotland & any advice is welcome! :D
      Steph & Neil

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      Hi Steph & Neil

      Welcome to poms in adelaide :lol: wow you have a lot to organise in those weeks!! Good luck with everything :lol: 8)


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      hi lisa
      thanks have been looking through all the info & am so confused !
      our agent is just getting my letter of offer prepared; been told that it will take about 4 weeks to get the visa in place , but after reading some of the posts not sure if this is realistic? also our agents have quoted 550 for there fees - to prepare all documents etc & help my employer (w/o charges; which employer will pay) this seem cheap compared to others I have seen could it be that cheap without a catch?
      you seem to know your stuff so hope to hear from you soon
      steph :roll:

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      \within 2 weeks of receiving the visa grant we had all the shippiong done and within 3 days of recieving the passsports back(with stickers) we arrived in OZ.

      You decide how long?slow ? you want to make the move


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      happening fast.. not ever.

      aaaaghaaaaah!... Fitlike Steph an Neil, it's afaa fine tae see anither highlander on line! Fit een o yis is appying? And fit div you dee Neil?We're deein some thing different to you twa, so sorry canna help ya we onythin I'm just a painter an decorator so weve got a long haull aheed. But chuffed for ya's don't knock the speed if you can get tommorrow for 5 grand i'd do it...ps. Neil i'm 43 so i'm even more delighted ,thought i was the oldest person on the site ...ha ha. best of luck min. Stu an Fiona. :lol:


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