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      taylor family

      coming soon

      hi to all bin reading some of the things on forum we are at medical stage now hoping to be in adelaide for end of march 2007 myself my wife and three children cant wait been to oz twice and loved the way of life so hope to see some of you in near future all the best alan taylor and family fulwood preston lancashire.:D

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      donna T
      Hi Al and Laura

      Best of luck with the medicals and the rest of the visa process - long haul isn't it??

      We will be there a few weeks before you as we are flying 2nd March - hope to see you there

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      Hi ,Alan and family,
      We are flying out 1st of jan.
      I see you are from just down the road from us, we are in kendal :lol: .
      good luck with every thing and hope to meet you in oz very soon :D

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      Hi Halys

      CONGRATULATIONS, just read your going on the 1 Jan!

      What an brillant way of starting the new year!

      Will you keep us all posted on your new life in Oz? And send us any tips?

      Congratulations again
      DebnDaz :D

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      Great start to the new year, good luck

      Angela :D
      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
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      hey you guys

      Hi you guys,
      Yes i will keep you posted when i get there, i can be your guinea pig :lol: .
      I went xmas shopping today and the weather, i could not breath in the wind my jeans were wet up to my knee and i thought God get me outta here,COME ON JAN 1st :lol:
      wonder what weather i will be shopping in next year, shouldnt joke about being back here,but my mums cousin went to perth in jan with his young family they were back in the uk by August :shock: :shock: .
      well speak to you all soon, hope to meet you all soon too :D

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      Hi Al and Laura

      Good luck with meds :lol: We are hoping to bet out in April so not long behind you :D

      Lisa :lol:

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      Hi to everyone soon going to Adelaide. You are all making me jealous. Just think Halys you will arrive right in the middle of Summer. Just think of all of us left in the horrible windy rainy weather.

      I have at least had a response from the Australian Nursing Council to say they are processing my skills assessment and they have debited my credit card with 260 for the privelage. I then need to apply for SA government sponsorship and then apply for visa before 14.5.2007 or I will be too old. I am hoping the visa should not be too long as my Occupation is on "Occ In Demand" list. Would hope to be there 01/01/08 or there abouts.

      You all must keep in touch on this forum when you arrive in Oz to let us know how its going. Then we must arrange for a get together.

      Jan aged 44 (nearly too old)Shane 44 Oliver 13 & Gabriella 9

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      donna T
      Jan Congratulations on them processing this part of the application - do you feel you are all under way now?
      Wouldn't it be lovely to all get together on the beach some time next year - I can't wait.

      Best of luck with the rest of the application




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