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      Thank you all for your kind words. It's comforting to know we're not the only ones going through the guilt thing. We know it will work out ok, but just can't help the interim feelings & thoughts.

      Bums - the $64000 question, what are the best areas & schools south of Adelaide ? We're beach fans but don't mind a 15-30min drive to it, don't want to be too far from the city & don't want to be too near the airport. We thought maybe Glenowrie, Morphettville, South Plympton, Ascot Park. What say you ?


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      Bums On Seats

      Hello Chantale,

      Hey I don't want you living next to me :) he he he.

      Well I live in Plypmton Park :) that's right in the middle of all the areas you have picked out, and just behind the race course,Morphettville.

      Now be carefull, not that I have little kids going to school, but we have boarders for schools, so have you picked out a school yet ? ages?

      Are you thinking Rent Or Buy ?

      Glenowrie is and could be higher $ s than your other choses, reson, because it's closer to Glenelg, Great spot but Big $s

      Morphettville is quite & noicey in some areas, however the blocks are bigger, cause a lot are old horsey people that are getting old now and moving out.

      South plympton, ascot park and some of surrounding area's are going thru changes from old houses to new, good place to buy at this time, as they are replacing trust houses.

      Ask away please.


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      Thank you for your advice, very helful. Still abit mind boggling but I know we'll get it sorted.

      Just a waiting game now to hear how OH gets on in his interview later this month.


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