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      I've been reading quite a few of the posts on this site & have found it very informative so thought I'd give it a go myself. I backpacked round Aus back in '92 & knew I'd be back! In Dec06, me, my husband & 2 kids, 11 & 4, travelled up & down the Gold Coast & eventually stayed with friends in Melbourne. We're back again this Nov as our friends are getting married. The family fell in love with the place. My husband is a policeman of 17yrs here in the UK & because we all felt so strongly about Aus, he is in the application process for SAPOL and has his interview & physical at the end of May. We should hear beginning of June if he's offered a post. Luckily SAPOL is able to nominate skilled police officers for RSMS visas & through this scheme, nominees and their dependent family members are granted permanent residency status.
      I've started looking at suburbs & schools & like good old Homer Simpson, the new stuff is pushing out the old stuff & things are getting merged into 1 ! We don't know what to prepare for until we get a nod from SAPOL. Anyone else been in a similar situation waiting on a job offer before you start anything ?!
      If hubby gets a post, he'll start training in Taperoo then could be posted in the city & because we are beach fans were we're looking at North West or South West Adelaide. Any advice on suburbs in these areas would be a bonus.
      I work for HM Revenue & Customs here in the UK & my job is basically admin based & I haven't a clue as to an equivalent option for me in Aus. Any suggestions ?
      Well, I've waffled on enough & I'm sorry to bore you all. All advice is gratefully received !! :lol:

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Chantale

      Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to take the plunge and join in! It's been invaluable to us in the short time since we've joined. It really helps to talk to other people who are going through the same experiences and everyone is really helpful.

      Good luck with your application and fingers crossed that your husband gets accepted by SAPOL.

      Keep posting and if you need any help, just shout.



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      Hi Chantale

      Sorry can't help with your questions at the moment, but i'm sure someone already there will be able to help. Just wanted to welcome you and your family. This is a great forum and advice and help for all sorts of things come in all the time.

      Good Luck to your husband for his job and hope you are all on the move soon.


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      Thanks Deena & Bev for your welcome.

      Sorry for a late response, things have been made a bit more difficult, I lost my step-dad this past Sunday & now we have guilt about potentially leaving my Mum here before Christmas when she will prob need us most. I have a sister & she'll be there for my Mum but she has a young family & my Mum lives an hour away & she is alone. I guess the guilt is normal for leaving family behind ?!?
      We contacted our friends in Melbourne telling them the news & they are estatic they've also given my hubby loads of info to look up on law etc as they are in VIC POL which is a bonus. They also have family in real estate in Adelaide so we can contact them for advice on suburbs & schools. My map of Adelaide & it's suburbs arrived yesterday so we can now sit down as a family & see where we fancy & take it from there.
      Deena sorry to read the house sale fell through !
      I have more reading to do in the forum so I'll sign off.

      Take care

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      Hi Chantale.

      Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear your sad news.

      Hope your decision to make the move insnt made too difficult.

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      hi Chantale,

      Sorry to here your sad news, i can truly sympathize with you and your family as my OH's father passed away January this year and no-one yet knows we are planning to go to Australia by the end of the year, it would of been hard anyway but know when is the best time to tell my mother in law who is registered as blind and needs our help to do certain things that we are going. She does have another son who will have to take over anything that we do for her but i am not looking forward to telling them. But on the other hand we have both said we cannot live our life in a place we dont want to be and are not happy here, i know it is selfish but we could have another 50 or so years left to live and if we dont apply know for OZ we will be too old.


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      The Bowmans
      Hi Chantale

      Sorry to hear your sad news. I agree that it might make things a little more complicated but there is never going to be a good time to tell family taht you are moving to the other side of the world. Yina is right when she says that you can't live the rest of your lives in a place that you are unhappy in.

      I still haven't told my parents (who are 82 this year) that we are going. Johh and I are flying to Spain later this month to tell them. It's a bit easier for me since they chose to retire to Spain some years ago but it still a hard thing to have to tell them.

      Good luck - I am sure they will be happy for you all - after all they love you, and would only want you to be happy.


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      Hi Chantale

      I'm sorry to hear your sad news. Its hard enough loosing a loved one and even harder when your planning to move to the other side of the world. We will be leavig my 75 year old mother, who says she "lives" for my 2 little boys, she is so close to them, and they adore her, but when she found out what we were planning she told us although she will be heartbroken to see them go, she knows it will be to start a better life for them and us. I'm sure that your mum will think the same and want you to start afresh, she will probably just make you promise lots of calls and letters. Good Luck, and try not to worry too much, there's enough worrying to be had with this process as it is.
      I'll stop rambling now :oops: :oops: :oops:


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      Hi Chantale

      Welcome to PIA.

      Sorry to hear your sad news.

      We lost both our Mum's last year.A tough time indeed ,especially with the distances involved.We coped though and have come out of the other end of it now.These things do happen and you just have to get through when they happen.

      Now you've started the process you have to keep going.
      Your Mum sounds great and very supportive.

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      hello hello hello hello

      Police that's just what we need more of over here lots more.

      Let me tell you that your gunna love it out here :) about two days after you get over the home sickness.

      That will be about 1 day after you start looking for, and making you own fun !

      Australia is a bloody big place and good stuff won't find you ...you gotta get in you car and look at Australia.

      In if want any info about areas then just ask as I have been a Taxi driver in Adelaide for 15 Years


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