Hello Fellow Pomies,
As an old pom :) only been here 35 years, let me ask you something !

What took you so Bloody long to get here ? :)

Any way Welcome.

Feel Free to drop me aline if you wish or Visit me a me new web site it is called Bums On Seats

Come and join up it's FREE for Poms

We charge the Restaurant Owner & Shop Owner to be on our site and then they Post there FREEBIE Vouchers on thier Web Page !

Now You come along as FREE Member and take the Vouchers, thats right just click on the voucher you want and it will arrive in your Email Box,

you print it out and then take it with you to the Restaurant Or Shop :) :lol:

Great Deals Like BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ETC ETC

While you are joining up drop me a line via my email address

By the way I'm From Brighton England