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      Another Aussie Pom.....

      Hi all. Yep - I'm originally from Adelaide, grew up there, but have been in the UK for 7 years and planning now to move back. Stumbled across this site when researching the job market. The strange thing is that my wife (who is English) is going to get a job no problem - she's a teacher - whereas I work in a pretty specialized field so might find it harder.... stay tuned :)

      Anyway - I'm enjoying browsing the site and happy to help where I can. I used to work in the real estate industry in Adelaide and have lots of family there so any questions fire away (I just like talking about adelaide!)

      Good luck to all planning your moves. Its a big decision (I did it the opposite way round in 2000.....).

      Oh, and congrats on the site - lots of good info here.

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      Bex & Nick

      Just thought I'd say "hi", its a pretty useful website isn't it!? I'm sure that we'll all have plenty of questions seeing as how you're an insider so to speak!


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      why is your wife going to get a job easily cos she is a teacher?

      enlighten me - the registration board are a flippin nightmare to work with -just today sent out paperwork we have done already for other stages of visa application and then we will have to sublit it again on arrival which we have heared willl take ages before we can qualify toteach in s.a.

      well be kicking down doors asap cos we need to be able to hit job opps for the new academic year january 2008........ and we arrive late august :shock:

      i wonder if all uk immigrants had to do all this paperwork to get into the uk :shock:


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      I meant in terms of demand for teachers as opposed to what I do. Yes, the form filling is a nightmare. She is more than likely going to go the private school route so she doesnt have to do country service anyway.

      Good luck with it all.

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      :D Hi - you can tell us all about Adelaide and why it's so good that you are going back there! :lol:

      We are going for a look next week and hope to secure a job for hubbie whilst we are there. He's a VW Master Technician and is going to Solitaire to talk about work prospects.

      Glad you could join us on the forum!

      Karen, Steve, Nick and Chloe
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      He's a VW Master Technician and is going to Solitaire to talk about work prospects.
      Hiya Karen, good luck for next week hope it all goes to plan ! See you on MSN 8)

      I'm enjoying browsing the site and happy to help where I can
      Just wanted to say welcome & thanks smax, its really good to speak to anyone whose lived in Adelaide we can 'pick your brains

      Just being nosey, why are you returning now?

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      you are definately someone worth knowing I think with our impending move over to Adelaide (Jan 08) it's been a nerve racking process and having no work in place prior to going is something that is new and worrying I guess.

      I came across the site by accident but think it's wonderful so hope you will be hand and don't mind lots of questions......




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