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    Thread: Why and what ?

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      Why and what ?

      Hello everyone.New to the forum.Me and my otherhalf are police officers through to our final interview stages with South Australia police.Can i ask everyone there reasons for moving to Oz and mainly Adelaide? Its something we have thought of for a while but didn't really think about South Oz till the applications came out and now we couldn't be more excited.Whats the general opinion of police officers in South Oz?I know theres lots of questions but theres SO much to consider and if successful we may be coming out as soon as September so we're cramming as much info in as possible.
      Very useful site by the way.

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Keel

      Welcome to PIA. Can't offer anything in the way of comment on SA police but I am sure someone will be able to give you an insight from Oz.

      Just wanted to wish you good luck with your interviews and making the big move

      Deena and John

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      Thanks for the support its appreciated.Fingers crossed!! Good luck to you and the family too. :)

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      Interview to!!

      Hi Both,
      I like you am at that stage too. Due in London on the 23 for final and fitness test!
      I have some contacts over in SA who are helping me get past the scary stages.. Long way to go yet but you must give it a go!!!
      The Uk like we all know has very little to offer, and it is getting worse!!
      I am sure you will do just fine, if you get the offer and visa..
      I hear the job is slow and the work less stressful. The people dig Uk cops and enjoy being locked up by us...
      The wages are crap but the lifestyle is a lot beter..
      If I can help you anymore email me at d_rathband@hotmail.com
      We can maybe chat direct..
      Fingers x we are going!!!
      Darren and ANgie

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      We have been considering moving overseas for a few years but the time never seemed right, there always seemed to be more reasons to stay. Now that we have children we are hoping to get a better life for them.

      We chose Adelaide as David has family in Christies Beach and we thought it would ease the pressure a little if we had a support network in place.

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      Thanks for the replys, its always good to hear other peoples views and opinions.Cheers

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      We moved here because my hubby joined the RAAF after serving the maximum of 22 years for a Cpl in RAF.

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      Re: Why and What

      Hi Keel

      Welcome to the forum.

      We are not too far from you in Silsden near Keighley, West Yorkshire.

      We are moving to Adelaide hopefully in August on a 136 PR visa. Adrian is a Machine Tool Fitter and alot of engineering companies around here are closing down. Apparently there are alot of jobs in this area in Australia so that is one of the reasons we are moving.

      The main reason is a better life for our children who are aged 7 and 5.

      We chose Adelaide because apparently it has a lower cost of living than other areas and even though it can get to 40 degrees in Summer it is supposed to be cooler than the other cities. We have also heard it is a good area for families and has a laid back lifestyle (sounds great to me).

      Good luck with your move.


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      The Toomers
      Hi just wanted to add our reasons.

      Have wanted to get out of a rapidly changing Uk for the past 4 years, my mate moved to Miami but we dont fancy the US. Both my wife Julia and I have never travelled to Oz but just have a good feeling about living there. Adelaide has always been our first choice, again I can not explain why, now after doing our home work we have fallen in love with the place (all info gained on-line though) We found that we do not have the required skill set to go in on a SIR visa so I am going to be a student in Adelaide for 2 years then apply with Aussie skills. We are prepared to do what ever we have to to give our children a better life. That is our main motivation for moving, the childrens welfare.. The UK is changing into something we dont understand, the rules are now differant with the melting pot of cultures where we live in Hertfordshire just clashing not merging, we are scared for our futures here.

      Jason (38)
      Julia (39)
      Maddi (14)
      Guy (3)
      Faye (5mths)


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