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      From Derby to Adelaide - who can blame us??

      Hi there - my husband and I are planning on emigrating to wonderful Adelaide in September of next year. We have started the ball rolling, we sent off to the TRA in March of this year for my husband,Tyson, and it came back approved a couple of weeks later. We have now enrolled with an agent and we are in the process of completing all the forms ahhhhh how many!! Tyson is in the wood trade. We are applying under Section 138 as I have an aunt and uncle in Adelaide who were lucky enough to emigrate 30 years ago and are quite happy to sponsor us. We've been a couple of times now for a holiday and I can not think of anywhere else I would rather be. I would just like to say a big hello to everyone planning on emigrating and to all of you lucky enough to be there now. 8)

      Any advice on the final farewells? I am really dreading that moment. :cry:


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      Hi Julie

      Welcome to PIA, this is a great place to get help and advice and meet like minded people. Glad you got your assessment back positive, good luck with the next step. We are only at the start ourselves, and would love to be out by next May time, a positive outcome allowing.

      Do you have any kids, or is it still calm and quiet in your household. :)

      Do you have a plan for any particular part of Adelaide, where are your aunt and uncle based.


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      Hi there Bev

      We have no little ones in tow - just ourselves to worry about - for now!!

      My aunt and uncle live in a place called Willunga a few miles out of Maclaren Vale, Aldinga being the closest beach. A beautiful place, quite expensive in Willunga but Maclaren Vale is lovely. We will be looking to live approximately 20 mins from Adelaide itself, Morphet Vale and Happy Valley are couple of places we have had our eyes on and the properties are very reasonable.

      What about you? Any ideas on where you want to live?

      Good luck in your application process. We are waiting to find a buyer for our house at the moment as the plan is to live with the in-laws until we finally leave. Want to get as many pennies in the bank as possible!!


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      Hi J 'N' T,

      We aren't planning to be out there ourselves until the middle of next year, but you never know :D My youngest (at last count :lol: :lol: ) was born in Derby in Jan last year, other than that I've never been. Good luck with everything you will find this place a little goldmine. :D


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      Good luck in your application process. We are waiting to find a buyer for our house at the moment as the plan is to live with the in-laws until we finally leave. Want to get as many pennies in the bank as possible

      Hi Julie

      We are not to far from you guys, Carlton in Nottm. We have our visa :lol: its been a roller-coaster but worth it.

      Our house is sold, subject to contract, survey done now & all ok so fingers crossed the sale will progress quickly now :)

      Our plan is to live with the in-laws so the kids can spend quality time over Summer before we leave Aug / Sept 07

      Good luck with the application

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Julie and Tyson

      Welcome to PIA. We are in the middle of our 495 application, hoping to be in Adelaide towards the end of the year. We have visited before (spent 3 months in Oz in 2002 and fell in love with it, went back last year and it just confirmed everything we felt first time round) and are going again for a property/job reccie in July. Looking south like you, as long as I am near the beach, I'll be fine.

      Haven't even thought about the "big goodbye" yet - dreading it already though.

      Good luck with your application.


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      Hi Julie & Tyson

      Welcome to PIA & congrats on your TRA approval :D
      I know what you mean about the forms, they seem never ending don't they!! :?
      We fly out in 8 days & are living with my parents at the moment, the biggest wrench is taking my 8 year old son away from them as they are really close to him :cry: :cry:
      We're all getting quite excited now, we've got OAA which is quite handy so just waiting to get on that flight :D 8)
      Hope the rest of your application goes well

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      We are just down the road from you in Burton on Trent. Welcome to PIA and good luck with your application.

      Jen :D

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      HI Julie

      Don't really know where to base ourselves yet. Constantly looking on real estate sites to get ideas, but probably down south or south east. Want something good, but not too expensive as want some money left to actually enjoy being over there.

      Good luck with the house sale, your right, if you have somewhere to stay, save as much as you can. Scary, but very exciting at the same time, isn't it. Will you be staying with you aunt & uncle when you arrive, or looking to buy/rent straight away.


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      Hiya,welcome to PIA.

      Saying goodbye can be Orrible' - if you have a lot of friends and family perhaps do it in one go at a party??

      We just kind of quietly drifted away.


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