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      Post This is my first post here and looking for some feedback.

      Hi everyone,
      This is my first post here and looking for some feedback.

      My family and I are on the verge moving to Adelaide but last minute doubts are with us, you know the sort of thing, getting a job, how much stuff costs etc and things like there isn’t the likes of Tesco there which you can buy a microwave for 20 (for example) costs a lot more in Australia.

      I work as an Architectural Technician (not qualified) using AutoCAD, and from what I can see on the jobs sites there seems to be a fair few jobs in that field for about $50-60k which I hope will cover the cost of living. The wife worked in Human resources/ personnel management and she is having a problem finding any suitable jobs listed, now it may be totally different when (if) we get out there.

      We have two children aged 2 & 4 and a dog if she makes it over (dog is getting on a bit now).

      It has got to the point now that we need to go or we just forget about the 3 or 4 years (and money) and start again here. We have had our 3 year visas for about a year now and if we don’t get there by the end of September I think we have missed the boat to stay and longer the next two years.

      We have been living in limbo for years now, we sold our house in Weston Super Mare to fund the move, I got a job in Cambridge so we moved to a rented house there and we have been living out of boxes for years now, we need to get back to a normal life if only for the children if nothing else.

      Truth be known we are both terrified of what of will happen if it all goes wrong and we end up coming back with heads down.

      Not sure what I’m looking for by posting this on the site but I do feel a bit like I have got something off my chest.

      Thanks for reading,

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      Hi Alan,

      first of all welcome to PIA.

      I think you answered the question for yourself with regards to whether or not to come out by stating you want to get back to a normal life and stop living out of boxes.

      For us it was something we had to try and only time will tell whether it is the right move or not. But I would rather try than not.

      With regards to jobs for your wife, there are HR jobs here and also in recruitment with her experience in personnel management I'm sure she would be fine.

      check out these sites for jobs:- www.careerone.com.au www.seek.com.au there are plenty of agencies too, just to get you started.

      With regards to cost of living, I think it just depends on what kind of lifestyle you have, this is an individual thing. You can pick up a microwave, stainless steel from big W for about $45.

      Food shopping is the biggy I think, we spend approx $250 per week for a family of four and that's not eating fancy or anything. But maybe we haven't got to grips with it yet I'm not sure, I'll be interested to see the feedback on this area.

      As for having to return with your heads down, I wouldn't see it like that, you will have tried what most people only dream about, you have obviously spent a lot of time organising and preparing for this, so only you can decide whether you go through with it.

      You can rent a house until you feel settled enough to buy something, that way you are not committing yourself to anything too much, the money you have put into a high interest account, either instant access netbank saver for 7.6% approx or into a term deposit where it is tied in for 3 months or more at 8.1% approx.

      If it doesn't work out for you, at least you will know, as you have tried it and had an adventure too.

      Good luck with whatever you decide x
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Many thanks for your feedback, it was nice to get a reply before I go to bed (1:40am here) and I will have a look at those site in the morning, thanks again ~A~

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      Hello Alan,
      I'm not there yet so I can't say much but I somehow understand your dilemma coz I am in the same boat. I too wonder if moving to Adelaide would be the right thing for us as a family......but somewhere at the back of my mind, I know it cannot be as bad as it is here, for the girls, myself and my OH.
      I guess all of us at one time or other will have the same question running through our head
      For me it is the support from members on PIA which makes this a more easier move
      And thanks "comcvcr"....because reading your reply, makes me think that I must be going the right way.....which is off to Adelaide in Dec 08; come what may; coz I too "would rather try than not "...:)

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      We made the move.
      Wages aren't as good, more of a struggle financially HOWEVER our lives are now much better - kids can be kids again - they even walk home from school by themselves now, crime rate is lower, not much evidence of anti-social behaviour, better health care and when the sun shines - this place is beautiful.
      We definately made the right move for us.

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      Rob and Clare
      Hey Alan,

      I'm not sure about Architectural drawings but there is a shortage of Engineering Draughtsman using Catia and Autocad due to the high levels of Defence work in the city. Engineering drafties seem to get a little more about $70K if you can do it. I have a friend who is a project manager at General Dynamics and i could get the best agencies for this type of work, but i appreciate it sounds different to what you are used to.

      For HR work again i have a friend who is a HR manager at a firm of Accountants at 23 years old, such is the shortage of professional people in Adelaide.

      So it sounds as though from a career point of view you would have little to worry about, but jobs can come along like buses, nothing for weeks, then lot's come along at once.....

      The move to australia is hard though and a lot of people return, winters feel colder without central heating (or i just can't remember what real cold is anymore), summer are dry and warm and much of the countryside and gardens become brown and dry, and shops still take a little getting used to. But somehow life here can be so much easier, we go walking with the dog everynight for an hour and never see gangs of kids, there appears so much more to see or do each weekend even for such a small city, eating out with a view over the hills or the sea is a fantastic experience.

      Good luck with whatever you decide

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      You seem to have some reservations and keep finding reasons to delay the move in my opinion. I would say give it a go and if it is not for you, you can always go back to the UK. Quite a few people return for all sorts of reasons, but at least they will not spend their lives thinking how things might have turned out if they had emigrated.

      With regards your wife working in HR, I can offer some advice of my experiences over here. I previously worked in the UK at HR/Personnel Officer level.

      We arrived in Adelaide in April 2007 and it took me 10 weeks to secure a permanent admin job which I am still in. I have 19 years work experience in administrative and human resources roles and HR and Business and Finance qualifications to University level along with typing and Microsoft Office qualifications.

      The job that I have is ok (and I am grateful to have a permanent job as it has enabled us to establish ourselves and buy a house) but I am capable of much more and feel my full skills and potential are not being utilised, so will hope to find something else, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be.

      At work they have appointed a HR Officer (the job was not advertised), she has no work experience in HR and has just come out of University, but because she is related to someone in the office they have given her the job. She then had to be taught how to interview and someone had to sit on a panel with her to show her the process. If you were recruited as a HR Officer in the UK, you would be expected to have considerable recruitment and selection experience at that level.

      I have found over here that they give a job the title of Office Manager for example and then when you actually read the duties you are on reception - in my experience that is a Receptionist not an Office Manager!

      I applied for an admin job recently through an agency and had an interview with the agency, then went back to do Word, Excel and typing tests, then went to the company for an interview with 3 people, then went back for a 2nd interview with 4 people (including the Chief Executive), then they decided after all that they were going to readvertise as they had not found quite what they were looking for!

      You apply for jobs and very rarely receive an acknowledgement or they do not appear to be going through a 'proper' recruitment process, the level of professionalism is not there in my experience - my partner who is a Senior IT professional was offered his job via text message!

      I went for an interview at one of the Universities in Adelaide 2 days after arriving.

      I mentioned that I had travelled on 2 buses to get to the interview and a lady on the interview panel could not believe that I did not have a car (this wasn't anything to do with the job as it was a HR admin role). The fact I had been in the country for only 2 days did not seem to register!

      I explained to the panel of 3 that this was my first interview in Australia. At the end of the interview, the Head of HR handed me a business card of a recruitment agency and said I had done well at interview but suggested I contacted this agency!! I then received a letter a week later to say I had not been successful - surprise surprise as Cilla would say!

      I think the job went to an internal candidate and as it was only a short term contract they were not expecting anyone else to apply, but had to go through the motions.

      I went for another interview at another company as a HR Officer and the HR Manager left me sat in reception for 30 minutes and then when she came to collect me she made no reference to this fact and then proceeded to tell me about how a lot of the recruitment was done in the pub and people got the job if they supported a certain football team, but they were trying to move away from that!!!!!

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      Hi Alan,

      You will have a wonderful life here im sure, You sound like many others worrying about their futures.
      Ive got to say that nothing ventured nothing gained.
      Either you can try it out or spend the rest of your lives wondering what if.
      We are actually returning as my hubby and I are both hairdressers and its only paid $30,000 per annum.
      We tried it, loved it and had a great adventure.
      Only you and your wife can decide.
      At least you have no house to sell, thats another reason for going home for us, as we had this notion of selling our house buying a big house with a lovely swimming pool ect.
      With the market like it is our house won't sell for the price we need to buy the one's we like here.
      Well, good luck and welcome to poms in adelaide.

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      donna T
      It is a huge decision and no it is not right for everyone. However, you really won;t know until you try and who wants to spend the rest of lives wondering 'what if we had....'. It is not easy being the other side of the World from everything you know and understand but it is a wonderfull adventure. My kids were 5 and 2 when we arrived and we always say they were the reason we came. That still stands and they have a wonderfull, busy active lifestyle here. However, for Russ and I, we have much less money to spend on meals out, material stuff etc but are soooo much happier - we spend family time together, have a fantastic network of friends, a great social life and a busy, healthy, more active outdoor life too (more so in the Summer I have to say)

      Give it a try - it could very well be the best thing you ever did.

      Good luck

      Donna x

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      :)I would say just go for it , alot of people might be worst off here but when we all started off on this journey money was not one of the benefits we were all looking for ...???, but lifestyle is . People do work hard here there is no doubt about it but they also play hard and when the weather improves it clear to see what Adelaide has to offer . You will have wobbles out here but its a case of giving it time which we are no seeing it takes months. 3 months in and only now have we settled into our daily routine, the kids love it....and Yes we are happy.......you will never know if you dont do it........Cheers Graham


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