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      james linwood

      perth to adelaide road trip

      been thinking about a holiday back to oz how long would it take a coastel drive from perth to adelaide take? we have doon brisbane to adelaide almost 5 years ago great holiday but loved adelaide and stayed at henly beach

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      we did the train from perth to adelaide and it took 2 1/2 days..if this is any help..sounds good though!!!

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      Hi James

      Not sure if this is of any use, but according to an old brochure I found from last year, the distance is approx 1695km, and about a 30hr drive, although not sure which route that covers.


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      Nullarbor trip

      Hi James
      Check out a company called Nullarbor Traveller. This will give you an idea of what you could see. Its an awesome road trip however you need to take care not commit the number 1 rule when your driving in country Australia and that is not to swerve for any animal. You swerve, you roll, generally you roll you die! Hit a kangaroo. Emu, wombat, horse, camel or any other animal that is dumb enough to use the warmth of the road to keep warm at night in your car and 99% of the time you live.

      Drive safe.


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      I did once think about driving from Adelaide to Perth, but all my Aussie friends asked if I had 3 days to lose, as the journey was nearly all desert with very little change of scenery. I decided not to do this. We have friends & family in Adelaide and also Aussie friends in Perth so visit both cities quite often. I can tell you that it takes about 31/2hours by plane. My son once had the opportunity to travel both ways in a large lorry delivering scenery for the show of Phantom of The Opera, but when he got home he found that he had damaged his back from all of the jolting across the poor roads.
      Hope I have'nt put you off if you really wish to do this trip.

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      Road Trip - Perth to Adelaide

      Just spotted your post. Don't be put off by anyone, it is a great journey, and something you will look back on.
      We have campervaned alot around Australia.
      Did the Perth to Adelaide run a few years ago, went via Bunbury, Bussleton, Augusta, Albany, Esperance, bit of a detour up to Kalgoorlie (as wanted to go there) - then back down to do the Nullabor stretch....... yes, it can be a bit tedious, but isn't that part of it, the open road???? just make sure you stock up with supplies, then you can camp and stop when you feel like it.
      There is a good 'camaradie' atmosphere in campsites, as you generally see the same people.
      Have to say, if you want a 'get away from it all holiday' we can recommend this - or any other road trip around Oz too!
      Good luck

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
      Hit a kangaroo.
      The size of some of the ones we have seen would not like to see the state of the car afterwards ;) Think I would risk the swerve manouvere

      Found this site where some guys did the trip and documented it. Going by their trip and the stunning pics it would be worth going for - http://www.richardandjo.com/australi..._adelaide.html


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      According to my tom tom its 2750 ks approx and thats the short route, so 100k an hour for 9 hours a day and 3 days later hey presto, dont travel at night. when the sun starts to go down get off the road or u will b risking a bump with a roo

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      Smile adelaide to perth


      Me and Nick did the trip from Adelaide to Perth, got a camper van on relocation for $1 per day!! plus $150 towards fuel

      All in all, we spent $700 on fuel, 42 hours non stop driving (in other words not counting breaks, 4.5 days to get there, seen millions of dead kangaroos, emu's following us, strange police man in the middle of no where, beutiful sun sets and freezing mornings.

      All in all, great experience, not sure I'd do it again, but I'm glad that I did.


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      Perth to Adelaide Road Trip

      Hi James,

      Can't be doing with all that driving so hubby and myself are taking the lazy route, Indian Pacific Railway in October. Looking forward to having a good look at Adelaide.




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