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      Carol & Paul

      hello to ever one


      I would like to introduce me and my husband. We are in the process of putting in an application to emirgate to Aledaide . We are taking our first trip out to Australia at the end of June 07 we are going to have 3 weeks travelling around the South Australia area to see the best and most suitable place to live. We have a 17 year old son and also a 11 year old daughter.

      We are coming out in your winter but it is the only time with the kids at school. We fly to Melbourne and hire a camper and travel up to Adelaide and beyond.

      One of the things we would like to check out while we are there is the school and colleges. My daughter is intersted in a performing arts school and our son is taking a music college course. It would be great to know where any are.I have e-mailed the goverment of education but are still waiting to here back. Hope to here from some of you . thanks

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      HI Carol and Paul

      Can't help with the schooling questions I'm afraid, as we're still this end, adn only have little ones, but just wanted to wish you and your family Good Luck with your application and welcome you to PIA.

      There are loads of helpful people here from all over, so someone should come back with an answer soon.

      Also the Adelaide bound site is great with useful help, sorry no good at the jargon to bring up the link.


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      Hi C & P,

      Can't help with the school stuff either but can help with the link Bev is talking about.


      Enjoy your trip. :D


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      Re: Hello to Everyone

      Hi Carol and Paul

      Welcome to the forum.

      What type of visa are you applying for? What jobs do you do?

      It will be interesting to hear from you when you return from your recci as we are hoping to move to Adelaide in August.

      All the best, have a great trip.

      Paula and Adrian

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      Carol & Paul

      Re: Hello to Everyone

      Hi Paula&Adrian

      Thanks for the welcome. My husband is trying for a skilled visa he is a motor mechanic. We have just spoke to a friend how has just come back from Adelaide . He said how great the place is and what a great time he had there.

      Hope you get on well. What sort of thing will you be doing there are and are you all organized. can't wait till it's your turn.

      Carol and Paul

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Carol and Paul

      Welcome to PIA, I'm sure you will find it a great help - we do. I can't help with the schools I am afraid but John and I fly out to Singapore on 30th June and arrive in Adelaide for 2 weeks on 2nd July - so if you are around perhaps we can meet up and compare notes!

      Good luck with your application


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      visiting adelaide


      we are going to adelaide aswell we leave on june 13th and arrive on 15th

      i am going to adelaide to see if the country is the right place to move to
      we have a 5 year old daughter so schools are important and of course work(plasterer)
      The main we thought of moving to different country is outside life and a better way of life for daughter to grow up

      hope you enjoy yourself


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      Hi carol & paul
      welcome to PIA a great site & an invaluable tool when it comes to finding out anything - even if someone cant help you will be pointed in the right direction!
      Don't be afraid to ask questions - the only silly questions are the 1's people don't ask! cause then they never know!
      hope all goes well & wish you the best of luck!


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