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      In Adelaide for training

      Hi guys,
      new to this site recommended by GK [TA]
      anyhoo, having trouble finding a sponsor to get us across on a 457 so Im looking to get me training in to help my chances.

      Im looking to train with a company called Tactical Training Australia, theyre based in Tranmere.
      I am thinking of using the time as a holiday for the rest of the guys in my family while im off getting the quals.

      Does anyone know where this company has its training centre, I know there head office is Glynburn Rd but looking on Google Street View it doesnt look suitable as a training site.

      Im trying to locate their training so I can work out where to base a s a holiday.

      hope that made sense

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      Hi and welcome to PIA. Had a look in the phonebook for you but it only gives the address in Glynburnn Rd. Here is their phone number if you want to give them a ring:
      08 8331 1620.
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      Thanks for the info.......had an email off them today stating the training centre IS at that address.
      Just have to try and determine if its going to be a worthwhile task now.
      Its going to cost a small fortune to complete this training with no guarantees at the end of it....


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