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      Thinking about Adelaide!

      Hi there, my husband and I are seriously considering a move to Adelaide, and I have so many questions about what its like to live there! How does it compare to any of the UK cities in terms of size/stuff to do? What are the main pros and cons? Is the drought a problem? Is it good for children - we have 2 1/2 year old twins. What is cost of living like - do you find you are better or worse off generally or about the same? There may be an option for us to move with husband's job or we may be looking to come independently - what is the job market like? Sorry, so many questions - any replies would be appreciated

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      Hi Debs,

      I cant give you any answers of the spesifics as we are at the begining of the process and have never been to oz, but i can tell you how we came to our decision in the hopes that it helps. When we settle on emigrating to australia we hit the web and the first sight we found was
      www.livingin-australia.com We fond this very usefull as it gives a good over view of all the main citys temp, size, some money stuff and the general feel of places. we also got good links to other sights.

      what attracted us to adelaid? quite a few things the climaite is less extreem than other areas of australia it is supposed to be (from what we have read) very family orientated and although the wages may be lower so are huosing costs?? I may be corrected on some of these points by members who are all ready over their but tose are a few of the reasons we settled on adelaide.

      Good luck with yur decision I'm sure you will get loads of other help on here and that you will find somwhere to suit you and your family.

      PS have heard the education system is very good too

      ali and co

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      Vacamas Kev
      Adelaide is a great place, it was discribed by a travel writer a couple of years ago, "I went to Adelaide during the tour and it was closed". I didn't get this until i witnessed my first bank holiday and got all excited about going out and shopping all day, only then did my g/f tell me that every thing closes on bank holidays, and i mean every thing, i was destroyed.

      On the other hand you'll not believe the quality of life you can attain for your money. You get a whole lot more bang for your buck than you do over here. I'm back off over there for good in a few weeks and I can't wait.

      As far as houses and the like, we got a steal, 4 bedrooms for about $150G (60G), which you wouldn't get close to over here. There's even two granny flats out the back for when the world and his dog comes to visit.

      The people are ultra friendly and always make a fuss of you. You'll soon realize that every other person is English too.

      Oh, and they'll use any excuse for a party, which you gotta love.


      You'll love it, every one i've met who has been there can't praise it enough, I did a year there then came back here for my visa, no more drizzle and snow for me.

      Good luck with the decision

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      v kev

      which part did you go to we can apply for 18 months gutted when i was told to wait by my agent .

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      Vacamas Kev
      my girl's originally from adelaide so i'm getting a defacto spouse visa. The prospective spouse means you gotta get hitched within 9 months of application so we got the defacto so we can save up and do it properly.

      It's not easy though, i applied in NOV 06, living in another country apart from Oz and Blighty can cause problems with the high commision's needs. Not seen by fiance for 5 months. Not so good. It will be in a few weeks though.



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