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      'invite' to apply

      wondered if anyone else has been in this situation? My agent misfiled our application and we applied under the wrong visa catagory. but in true Ozzie style, they told us 'no worries - we'll just change it when it comes through'.
      All our medicals paper work etc has been recieved by Adelaide and they've 'invited' us to apply for the correct visa (SIR 495) (no extra charge, the agent's admitted liability for that one!)
      Does this mean they want us?
      I never want to see a form again!! Just when I think it's all over another load come through and still no answer!


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      The Bowmans
      Hi Dotty

      I would hesitate to second guess DIMIA but the fact that they have invited you to apply for the correct visa indicates to me that they think you meet the critieria (as far as they can tell) for a 495 visa.

      Get the agent to do all the forms - it's his fault after all! I knolw what you mean though - it's a never-ending papertrail!

      Good luck


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      thanks Deena,
      I was hoping that's what it meant but after so many setbacks I won't believe I have it until it's in my hand!
      Yep, the agents seeing to it all - even taking care of the second lodgement fee as they've admitted fault.
      I'm just plodding on with getting stuff sorted while I wait....and wait.
      How about you? Are you there yet? Or in the process?

      Love Dotty

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Dotty

      We are still playing the waiting game - this tme it's wsaiting for a case officer and then, fingers crossed, waiting for the visa.

      Hopefully it won't be too long for either of us.

      Good luck with the SIR.



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