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      yep, i know the 'you are making a mistake' one too!!
      but we more get the silly look like 'why on earth do you want to do that??'

      well, i am off - my 2 cheerups will be at 6 again .. as usual :?

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      ive just cleaned grass from my lawnmover - gave up after an hour cos the buggas will only charge me for fumigation at the port - if they try spraying my surfing gear i will physically behead every one at customs and feed their rotten corpses to the sharks.............

      9 days til we leave our home for 14 weeks in a small student house down town before arrival - and the paperwork keeps on coming and weve had our visas 12 months :shock:

      im glad i only discovered forums well after id done all the paperwork for the visa - otherwise it wud have put me off


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      The Bowmans
      Hi Su

      Welcome to PIA. It's been a great help for us and as Pete says, if you have any questions, someone is bound to know the answer.

      Good luck and keep posting.


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      I wouldn't do that muppetbro look what happend to sylvester stlone and he only attempted to get drugs into the country.

      Mind you if they react that way to steroids i dread to think what theyll do with surfing gear :!: :!: :!:

      ali and co

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      the hays
      hi from the hays ,my name is hizik o.h karen we have three kids liam 8 jordan 6 and ellie 3 our t.r.a gets posted tomorrow cant wait for the ball to start rolling seems to have been ages since i started collecting everything so heres hoping.:)


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