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    Thread: child car seats

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      child car seats

      can anyone tell me do the british seats fit in australian cars and do they meet australian regs



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      Hi Chrissy,

      Try www.adelaidebound.com Lisa has some info and also some links to www.transport.sa.gov.au I vaugley remember reading somthing about some british child restraints not meeting Australian safty standerds but i cant remember where i read it.

      good luck finding what you want

      ali and co

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      Good question Chrissy, one of those things we need to know but hadn't even thought about it yet. Will definately be checking out those websites.


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      Child car seats


      I have just been investigating the above and unfortunately UK seats do not look like they will be allowed due to different safety regulations. The link below explains quite well.



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      donna T
      We had to get new seats because the aussie cars have a safetly hook thing in the back of the seat which the car seat ties onto - the actual seats are no different to those in the UK but they don't have this attachment. The RAA in Richmond Street were really helpfull although you need to make an appointment to get them fitted.

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      are these hooks like isofix car seats in uk

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      donna T

      I don't think so - are the iso fix on the base and fitted to the seat?? I am not quite sure. The Aussie ones fit behind the car seat and fix the rear of the car seat to the seat backs securing them from behind. Hope that makes a bit more sense!

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      Yes isofix are at the base of the child seat on the back and they sought of latch onto a bar that is part of the car seat wear the back joins the seat. I think this is now a clear as mud Only wondering as we currently have an isofix car seat for our little girl.

      ali and co



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