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      Everything is fine with Joshua now thanks, he was taken off oxygen totally about three weeks ago (he was hooked up to it 24/7 until he was 5 months old then had to be connected to it for night time only until 3 weeks ago), he's just cut his first two bottom teeth. he's now 9 months old and one very spoilt little boy and he has his Nan-Nan and his Pops wrapped round his little finger. He's small for his age but otherwise he's fine, not yet sitting up on his own but the doctors say not to worry, they have two charts they check him against, one is what he should be doing for his birth age, the other is corrected age (when he should've been born).

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      thanx for the email,is there any chance of gettin in touch with them?

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      Leanne & Mark
      The cost of visits worries me a lot! My mum is on her own with my 9 yr old sister, she is often living hand to mouth. It sickens me the amount she works, she has a condition that effects her circulation, and her feet can swell enourmous amount. She is also unable to drive as she is and always has been very short sighted:GEEK:.
      Therefore she has to walk every where, thus making her feet swell further (ouch!)
      Can she be classed as disabled?? nope not even partially.
      All i can think of is to leave some money for her to use and build on, i'm gonna get my sis a video camera aswell as web cam so the kids can keep in touch via video diary aswell.
      Any one know a rich man, that wants a ready made family?? otherwise fit and healthy attractive 50 yr old wants rich (ish) man for company.


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