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      Cold its not cold, weeks of less than 5deg in the uk thats cold, maybe we were all just spoilt with our central heating .....put another fleese on:p

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      Just come over from Dubai and it was 45 there so wasn't expecting the cold. Was a bit of a shock. Today was lovely though and have dug out a jacket for those cooler days.

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      Don't mind being cold but I do rely on heating!!
      It is nice and autumunal here now wore a cardi for the first time in ages. Our house is cold as it is stone it is normally colder indoors than outdoors which is great in summer (when get any)

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      29 degrees tomorrow yayyyy its a shame im working tho.
      bring on the summer

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      Quote Originally Posted by pommyprincess View Post
      no it isnt always this cold in adelaide.... we had a record breaking summer last year with like 17 days of over 35 degrees.... we'll be hearing you complaining about the heat then....seriously enjoy the sh*tty english style weather while u can coz there wont be much more of it.
      and you might be like oooo 35 degrees thats awesome....but really it aint...if you gotta work etc in it then its completely shocking!! and when you get in the car and cant breath thats a killer aswell
      cant wait for summer tho !!!bring on the heat (30 suits me fine)
      Well said I have been here over 30 years, when we landed it was over 40 and that was before 9am, I will never forget it but wait till it is 42 degs and only goes down to 32 deg at night then lets seen how they moan and any one who loves it over 25 deg cant work for a living, I am an electrician and you should try to get in a roof, if there still cold they could come and work for me.
      Off to the UK on Tuesday for 5 weeks, bet i'll be the one moaning how bloody cold it is then


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