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      coming across the desert from Perth to........Aldinga beach...

      Hello all,

      Just intoducing ourselves, Darryl and Audrey Turner with ickle bub on the way. We have been living in Perth for the past 3 yrs and are finally finished with the West. Not to say we didnt like it in Perth, its just that we preferred having abit more choice and family over east.
      Our house build is nearly finished at Aldinga beach and we should be in by the beginning of December .....fingers crossed. Looking forward to starting a new life there and hopefully getting to know and meet some new friends.

      Ive been a member of the Chelsea supporters club here in Perth and would love to know if anything similar is there in Adelaide.....southern suburbs pref. if not i wouldnt mind setting one up.

      My wife is a very good hairdresser with over 20 yrs experience, working in London and around the world and now all she wants to do is sit near the beach and do abit of freelance!!! she'll be setting up from home so if anyones interested send a PM and she'll get intouch.

      See you when we get there.........soon :)

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      Hi Darryl
      Welcome to PIA, hope the move goes smoothly for you all

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      Hiya, Dont know about Chelsea supporters but you wont get a bigger red fan than my OH, he'll happily talk soccer to you ;)

      My brothers off to Perth, says he prefers it over other cities hes been too - but we shall see, at a minimum we'll have cheap hols over there!!!

      Aldinga is lovely, and im sure your wife will get a few curious customers and hopefully be able to build a base up from there.

      See you soon,
      Kat xxxx

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      Hi Guys and welcome to Adelaide. I am very interested as to why you are moving from Perth to Adelaide. I have met a few people going the other way but would love to know why you are making the move, that's if you don't mind sharing it with us!!!


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